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Although not quite as challenging as the queues commanded by Michelin-starred hawkers, the one at the much-talked-about “Ma La Hotpot” stall inside Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre is still a test of patience. Especially at dinner time on a weekend. #whatwasithinking.
Regardless, the reward for my long wait to order, followed by another wait for the food to be prepared, resulted in a massive bowl filled with a very fragrant and tasty stirfry of mixed vegetables, “tau pok”, luncheon meat, sliced pork belly and I-can’t-remember-what-else-because-I-just-kept-pointing. The price? $9.50.
Anyway, I liked that the dish was not too oily and every item in my bowl was cooked to its optimum. For example, the radish retained its juiciness and crunch while the “tau pok” was soft enough to soak up the sauce. Considering this was achieved during the mad dinner rush only goes to show how good this stall really is. You can colour me impressed.

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