What a nice surprise! Usually quinoa bowls are pretty expensive, but this place serves up a really healthy (geddit) portion of grains, protein and veg at a pretty reasonable price ($7.90 for cajun chicken / portobello mushroom + cheese options, $9.90 for the baked salmon one). Quite often when I have veg bowls, I get pretty peckish some hours afterwards, but this left me full for a really long while.

Plus, I’ve had salad bowls that are way too light on the protein portion (i.e. I’m finished with the meat / mushrooms before even getting through half the bowls) and that’s always irritating. Really glad to say that the bowls served here aren’t like that - they really don’t skimp on any of the ingredients, or try to make it seem fuller with ‘filler’ leafy vegetables or anything like that.

The thing about this place is that there’s nowhere to sit, and that it’s also a reasonably popular lunch joint. So if you go down, expect to stand around waiting for about 5 mins or so - and you’ll have to head off after that. But still, if you’re looking to drop by and grab something quick, delicious and relatively good for you, you can’t go wrong here!