[ACAI BEACH CLUB] Been wanting to try @acaibeachclub for the longest time and I finally did yesterday! Was surprised at the size of the bowl as well as the portion. This, in the pic, is a medium bowl 😲 The toppings are not only filled to the brim but it’s mountainous! 🏔

Got the Hawaiian Bowl in Medium ($9.90 - Small, $11.90 - Medium) which ingredients are: The Acai blend, topped with basil seed pudding, banana, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, Almond flakes, Walnuts, Grapes, Kiwi and Seasonal fruits! 🥝🍌🍓🍇 with a choice of sauce either Honey or Almond butter (free) or other sauces (+$1). I got the Almond butter.

To compare, I would say Acai beach club’s medium bowl is about Project Acai’s large and there’s much more fruits. However, I would prefer the consistency of Project Acai’s Acai blend as it’s smoother and less icy.

Also, Acai Beach Club is on @burpple membership 1 for 1!

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