I fall for creative culinary, easily. I love how the presentation of the dish surprises me, perhaps extra appetizing. An idyllic setting in the Tang Dynasty decorated with Peach Blossom trees and Ancient Chinese Architecture, 暗戀桃花源 serves modern Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisines. Waiters and waitresses are dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes. •

Names of their dishes here are mostly innovative. Like this cold dish that was made into an edible bonsai, the soil was a rich and dense purple sweet potato mash topped with crispy toasted rice. There were several carrot and dragonfruit sticks along with a few stalks of crystal ice plant, which I honestly thought was inedible. Pretty tasteless but crispy. What’s even more fascinating were the hidden mixed fruits in the “soil”, as though treasure hunting! Looked alluring when served with dry ice. Couldn’t finish the entire pot with 2 people, well sweet potato can really be filling. •

It’s interesting to note that the owner of this restaurant chain developed this dining concept because firstly she was a fan of poet 陶淵明’s 桃花源記, and secondly she wanted a peaceful dining place for weary souls.
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