Okay just look at how thick those slices are. Like they're literally almost as thick as my finger. This deluxe chirashi set ($45) came with salmon, sea bream, normal and fatty tuna, yellowtail, uni and a generous amount of ikura atop sushi rice with a side of ginger and wasabi. The bowl came with miso soup too.

The thickness of each glistening slice made each bite extremely hearty and satisfying. And the quality of the fish was really good too, with no overpowering fishy taste. My favorite was definitely the fatty tuna. I don't even like tuna that much but these melted in my mouth like butter with barely any chewing. It almost didn't even taste like tuna, it was so gloriously rich and decadent. And the ikura burst like bubbles in my mouth. This was definitely worth that price tag and Himawari is certainly worth a revisit for its buffet.