Didn’t plan to visit Monki Cafe initially, but found our hungry souls drifting here for food after being rather peeved by the bad crowd management from a new cafe in a nearby neighbourhood.

One thing I have found Monki Cafe to have done quite well in is their snowflake desserts — the Watermelon Snowflake being the item I had tried when they had just opened their doors for not too long, and was something that I am still able to recall its flavour and textures even to this day several years after. The Chocolate x Whiskey Snowflake is probably something less delicate and more poised at the mass market, especially given how the milky, chocolate shaved ice felt more chocolate ice-cream than being light and fluffy like how ice should be, but I liked how they have included the dried raspberries for an extra chew and a slight tang of sourness to cut through that heaviness of the “shaved ice”. The true show-stopper here was the shot of whiskey — something bound to attract the degenerate drunks who will love a boozy dessert, not to mention its price tag at $10.80 for an alcoholic dessert that puts it at the same price of the Strawberry Snowflake here that is definitely more kids-friendly.

Monki Cafe is one of the spots with hits and misses; an establishment that serves rather homey Taiwanese fare in the West that does well enough to solve those cravings especially in times like these when travel isn’t much of a thing we can do. No doubt the offerings may still feel as though they are short of something especially when compared to more established names such as Eat 3 Bowls, but Monki Cafe is a deserving indie alternative that offers quite a good variety of items not commonly found (i.e. Taiwanese Plain Eggroll, Taiwanese Hotdog) that is worth checking out purely on the fact alone.