Housed under Teapresso, Oki-Machi serves up freshly grilled mochi of 20 different flavors. Flavors are categorised under sweet, nutty, savoury and creamy milk. Some of these include Tiramisu Cream, Nacho Cheese, Ma La Spicy, Tonkatsu, Hokkaido Milk, etc. You can get them at $2 for each, $5 for 3 and $6 for 4.

The mochi was hot and super chewy but not sticky to the teeth, which was nice. Didn't really like the Spicy Thai as it felt like an overwhelming mouthful of sweet and sour chili sauce. Cookies & Cream and Dark Chocolate are quite safe flavors. If you're looking for a filling snack, this is one but they can get quite messy! These mochis were also featured on a Taiwan variety show which you can catch from a mini tv in front of the stall!