Starbucks' summer season is coming to an end so I had to try this National Day exclusive before it got booted off the menu!! This whimsical take on an ice-cream sandwich ($6.90) has a layer of creamy Oreo filling with a chocolatey biscuit crust in the center, with two layers of colorful sponge cake sandwiching it.

I was surprised at the first bite because the cake felt really light overall, and Starbucks cheesecakes have a way of being very dense and rich. The mouthfeel was amazing; there was the fluffy sponge, the rich cream filling, crunchy wafer and cookies. It was certainly interesting to taste three different textures on a single fork. I also liked that it wasn't too sweet with all the elements balancing each other out perfectly. The fact that this cake combines two classical desserts (cheesecake and ice cream sandwich) in an interesting and aesthetically appealing way was definitely the cherry on the cake. (pun intended :D)