Having tried Hitoyoshi Yoshi Sushi (which I personally feel is a hidden gem), I decided to make a trip to @ramenhitoyoshi to try out their ramen!

The items that I’ve tried are:
Garlic Tonkotsu with All Toppings
Original Tonkotsu with All Toppings
Kinoko Butter Yaki

@ramenhitoyoshi simmers their tonkotsu broth for at least 8-10 hours and chilled overnight before serving. As such, their signature tonkotsu broth is thick, creamy, rich and flavorful with just the normal level chosen. Strong level would have been too jelak for me. The bold and savoury pork broth is accompanied with crunchy black fungus, tender chashu and a soft ajitama egg.

The only difference between the garlic and the original tonkotsu is the addition of a drizzle of black garlic oil. I personally think that the garlic flavor was pretty mild and could be stronger.

What surprises me was the chashu/meat pieces! They were really tender! The pork belly chashu here is thick with a good ratio of meat and fat, making it so decadently good! I would say this ramen is deeply meaty, fatty and flavorful.

On a side note, you can enjoy free flow bean sprouts and corns while waiting for your mains to be served!