For desserts, we decided to try something more mainstream and we went for a chocolate-based dessert, which was served in a container. There are actually quite a few layers to this dessert - the top and bottom layers are cookie crumbs, these are each accompanied by a layer of fresh cream! In the middle, you have a layer of dark chocolate cake and a layer of chocolate mousse. We liked the mousse as it was a little light, and we also liked the hazelnut taste in it. However, the dark chocolate layer above it was a little too rich and the two of us were unable to finish it! We accompanied each of the layers with some of the cookie crumbs as we liked a little crunch to go with each bite of our dessert.

Overall, while we liked the diversity of tastes in this dessert, we felt it was a little too much for two to finish! It might be easier to share this between three of four persons instead. However, given it's size, it is very worth it since it is priced at only $9.50.

Surprisingly, The Forage Cafe wasn't exceptionally crowded for lunch on a Sunday, but we still made a reservation nonetheless as we wanted to be safe! 😁

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