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We were blown away when this amalgamation of eye-popping colours and shapes arrived at our table! Essentially two toasty “hot cakes” topped with adorable cube-shaped vanilla ice cream and buried beneath a generous scattering of berries, popping boba balls, edible flowers, etc. Interestingly, the hot cakes are really muffins in saucer form; within a brown and crisp exterior lies a moist muffin core which, though slightly denser than a traditional hot cake, still remains relatively fluffy and crumbly. The embedded blueberry studs on the top layer were a nice touch! All in all, the various elements of hotcakes, ice cream and fresh berries really complemented one another...this is truly a glorified berry muffin worth every cent!

P.S.: don’t trust the small-bellied people who claim this is for sharing!!! I singlehandedy wolfed these babies down...and with much ease!

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