Premium Omakase comprises:
2 appetizers
1 vegetable
9 sushi + oyster
1 handroll
Mini uni Rice bowl
Soup of the day

The restaurant started out with 20 courses for the premium Omakase but they have now cut down to 16 course (maintained at the same price). Menu has not been updated on chope or the restaurant website. Felt a little misinformed upon finding out when I arrived. They used to include 3 sashimi and 10 sushi instead of 9 now. Proceeded with dinner nevertheless. Overall, was not too impressed.

The appetizers were onsen egg and seasoned scallops, followed by spinach for the vegetable. Didn’t feel like these items can be classified as premium. Some hits and misses for the sushis too. For this price point I must say I’ve had better and this experience was just disappointing to say the least.

The restaurant is cosy and can only accommodate about 20 max. Perhaps better to come for lunch where you can get decent Chirashi dons!

The 9 sushi:
1. Flounder edge
2. Squid
3. Flounder
4. Yellow tail
5. Scallop
6. Hiroshima oyster with yuzu jelly and ponzu sauce
7. Shima aji
8. Aka ebi
9. Golden eye snapper
10. Tuna with yuzu zest (Akami)

Handroll - unagi

The uni Rice bowl is pretty good with uni blended into the rice then topped with fresh uni.

Soup of the day: Miso soup (not pictured)

Desert: scoop of sesame ice cream in a cone