I know VeganBurg’s been around since before plant-based diets were a thing, but well shame on me I’ve never made the trip down before 🥲 So recently I popped by and grabbed their Smoky BBQ burger with an impossible patty and additional vegan cheese, wondering how it’d compare to all the other plant-based burgers out there. Suffice to say, it’s not quite my thing. The buns were mediocre at best, not very fluffy not very tasty very much like off-the-shelves sorta burger buns; the veggies were crisp and fresh but yeah just veggies; there was way too much mayo in there; and idk the patty didn’t wow me as much as others I’ve tried. Sure it wasn’t a terrible burger, but after all the extra add-ins the price exceeded that of other more satisfactory impossible burgers I’ve tried elsewhere. Perhaps their original burgers (sans all my add-ons and incessant meddling) would be a lot tastier, or I should’ve gone for a different burger, but with the many alternatives around now I doubt I’d make a return trip anytime soon.