I assumed this gimmicky 80g pokebowl would be a tiny appetizer, a sneak peek of sorts into their REAL menu. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive this large bowl filled to the brim with a colorful assortment of healthy bits and bobs!

Except for the salad base (actually was the salad base cold too?? I can’t remember oops), everything came chilled and fresh; veggies were crunchy and well-seasoned tuna cubes were springy to the touch! Upon mixing it all together, I can honestly say this delightful bowl isn’t simply a sum of its parts. All these healthfoods mesh well together, creating an incredibly savoury flavor burst that still manages to refresh one’s palate 😍

Their wide array of condiments is also rather impressive - I went wild on the avocado miso, dripping this thick condiment all over!! Next time, it’ll be the garlic sesame mayo...😋