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Finally tried this place out after walking past it like a million times (okay I’m exaggerating obviously haha but u get it).
It was rather quiet and there was only one other table of patrons. Didn’t get my hopes up too high but was kind of pleasantly surprised. Yes, there are better skewer places/ Japanese restaurants around, but the food here was actually not bad. Ironically though, the item I liked most is not from the skewers section of the menu. My favourite was the sliced Iberico pork with truffle sauce ($12). Honestly I could hardly taste the truffle but I felt that the pork slices were well marinated and tender, and it was a rather enjoyable dish overall. The skewers was decent, and I quite liked the shiitake bacon maki with cheese ($2.90/stick), but well I like anything with mushrooms😝We also had the asparagus with bacon makiand buta bara (pork belly with onion) (both $2.90/stick) and kawa (chicken skin) ($2.20/stick). The yakimeshi unagi (fried rice with unagi) ($10) was also pretty decent. Though I wish there were more unagi pieces, what can I expect for $10 right?? Didn’t order any drinks cos I was trying to abstain from alcohol, but might have been more tempted if I had gone there earlier. Apparently they have $5 drinks at 5pm, and the prices increase by the hour. Sign me up for happy hour drinks anytime🍻

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