I thought I wouldn’t have any more reason to review BUNDT but apparently my numerous rave reviews caught the eye of my friends and one went so far as to order an assorted handful of black cocoa brownies for me, intending to assemble them together as a birthday cake knowing how much I liked their baked goods.

So what happened to the supposed brownie cake? Looks like I wasn’t alone in my previous experience regarding preordering of items.

Then again, if you read BUNDT’s updated Store Policy, a pre-order does not necessarily mean you’ll get your item although the kind people at BUNDT endeavour to fulfill your preorder as best they can. So don’t be disappointed just because you pre-ordered an item and your order was acknowledged.

Despite that, I’ve got good news for you:

1. The Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt Black Cocoa Brownie is flawless. Not too sweet, intensely chocolatey, with a good amount of sea salt granules to provide contrast. I enjoyed the crunch from the baked exterior, chocolate chips, and sea salt which were embedded in a moist, dense brownie. Solid bakes for sure.

2. Burpple reviews are read and noted. So you can be sure the owners are aware when you have feedback, and clearly know whatever you feel about the place. Try to read all their FAQs, Store Policy, How To Order guidelines before attempting to order :)