Had caught notice of Uncle Lai 莆田菜 at 85 Fengshan Hawker Centre when the food centre had re-opened after their renovations some time back; made a mental note to actually come back to give their food a try.

Being the Caramelised Yam junkie that I forever am, the dish is only available in one size at $10. The Caramelised Yam comes with sizeable chunks of yam that seem to be rather large; am the sort who would prefer the bite-sized chunks that is easier to munch, but otherwise the yam comes with a glistening glaze of what seems to be malt sugar — aptly sweet yet savoury with a distinct earthiness; almost umami, though the onions felt like they were only included as an afterthought here, lacking the malty goodness that otherwise would have gave it an extra punch of flavour.

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