Flame-seared seafood mix of diced salmon, scallop, prawn, grilled eel, salmon roe and smelt roe served in metal pot with flavoured steamed rice. Set includes choice of 3 mini side dishes & miso soup.

A bit pricey for a regular lunch, but this was satisfying! The kamemeshi rice is tasty but not heavily seasoned, I liked the light flavour that wasn’t too salty or sweet. Seafood was quite fresh, had a nice bite and not overcooked. It was smaller than I expected, which is good bc it’s not too filling since there’s also sides. I was afraid it was going to be a big pot of rice so thankfully it wasn’t!

The sides were quite good too. I got the mix kaisen yamakake - raw salmon with grated yam (didn’t like the slimy yam); the salmon nanbanzuke tasted like onigiri salmon, a strangely familiar taste but the batter was soggy as it is soaked in vinegar; the pickled radish w herring roe was vvv nice, I liked the yuzu flavour and the refreshing tartness, the herring roe was v interesting kinda reminded me of sea grapes/tobiko??

Miso soup was normal, tasted like the same type as uya (which is different from normal Japanese casual restaurants like ichiban/sushi tei).

Overall while I don’t think there’s a big wow factor, somehow I still I really enjoyed my meal and would defo be back!