Shop is located at the coffeeshop inside the industrial factory, level 2. Utterly disappointed with the attitude of the cashier.

Claimed 2 burpple deals; Spicy Chicken Ramyeon ($5.80), Spicy Pork Ramyeon ($5.80), Spam Ramyeon ($5.80), Spicy Kimchi Chicken Don ($6.60). To be very honest, the ramyeon was worst than homecooked korean instant noodles. The soup has no kimchi taste. The bowl of noodles came with 2 pcs of spring onion, 3 pcs of eomuk, few pcs of meat (chicken/pork/spam) and plenty of carrots.

Wanted to take away the chicken don but the cashier didn't allow because its burpple deal and not ala carte order -.- Awys, there was nothing spicy about the rice bowl. Rice was alot, filled up 3/4 of the bowl, and topped off with a slice of lettuce, broken poached egg and chicken (not spicy).

No intention to return for another visit again.
Overall rating: 2.5/5 🌟
Rice bowl: 3/5 🌟
Ramyeon: 2/5 🌟
Value for money? Not for me.

it stated having takeaway option though...