I made a reservation at 6pm and was one of the first few diners in the establishment. The Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast [$18] was the opening act and the first (and practically only) thing you see is the snowy mountain of shaved foie gras that’s inviting you to sink your teeth into.

The foie gras shavings instantly disintegrate in your mouth, leaving a salty and meaty aftertaste that set the stage for the next ingredient. The cedar jelly was a thin veil between the foie gras and the bread, giving a dainty floral sweetness to the dish. Finally the brioche echoes the sweetness and fattiness of its toppings, grounding the ethereal texture of the foie gras without distracting from the overall cloud-like bite.

Delightful, moreish, yet light. Definitely a dish to try if you’re here at Le Bon Funk.

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