Let me start of by saying that: this picture does not do the burger any justice at all. 😅

🍔 We had the Magic Truffle Mushroom Burger ($16.9) + Beef Patty ($4.9). Not cheap, but well worth every bite.

Let me take you through the layers: Slightly crispy, but very fluffy toasted Brioche buns + Thick and Juicy Beef Patty + Grilled Portobello Mushroom slathered with melted Mozzarella cheese and wonderfully aromatic Truffle Aioli + Sweet, buttery Caramelised Onions + Fresh Tomatoes & Lettuce. 🤤

This is exactly how I envision my perfect burger to be. 🤩💯 No pickles, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or any of that BS. (I firmly believe that none of these belong on a burger! 🤢🤮) Slightly steep pricing, but it is worth the occasional splurge for a perfect burger.👌🏼

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