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Lunch / Dinner

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Ky Mak
Ky Mak

🍖 The Honey BBQ Babyback Ribs ($22) was amazing! (This is my second time ordering this)
Fall-off-the-bone: CHECK✔️
Fork-tender: CHECK✔️
Well-seasoned: CHECK✔️ (Though I would’ve preferred if it was coated with more BBQ sauce — it got a tad dry in the middle)

🦐 Prawns used were really fresh!
🍤 Batter was yumz — just nice, not over-fried & not too oily.
🌶🦀 Chill Crab dip was not bad too!

(Sorry for the lazy review but I think there’s only that much to say for prawn fritters... haha I mean it was decent but not THAT mind-blowing enough for me to rave non-stop about it 😝)

Crabmeat Tart with Jicama Vegetable.

Not bad, although honestly, I wouldn’t mind topping up a little bit more for MORE crabmeat. 🦀 Given how little crabmeat there was, we could barely taste the sweetness of its flesh.

🌶 Personally, the chilli sauce is the final touch that really brings a good kueh pie tee together. However, the chilli was so mild (& little) that it couldn’t even be tasted. 😅

Let me start of by saying that: this picture does not do the burger any justice at all. 😅

🍔 We had the Magic Truffle Mushroom Burger ($16.9) + Beef Patty ($4.9). Not cheap, but well worth every bite.

Let me take you through the layers: Slightly crispy, but very fluffy toasted Brioche buns + Thick and Juicy Beef Patty + Grilled Portobello Mushroom slathered with melted Mozzarella cheese and wonderfully aromatic Truffle Aioli + Sweet, buttery Caramelised Onions + Fresh Tomatoes & Lettuce. 🤤

This is exactly how I envision my perfect burger to be. 🤩💯 No pickles, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or any of that BS. (I firmly believe that none of these belong on a burger! 🤢🤮) Slightly steep pricing, but it is worth the occasional splurge for a perfect burger.👌🏼

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I would say that I’m a pretty adventurous eater, but these Ribena Wings ($9.9) were... A little too funky for my liking. 🥴
Sweet-savoury dishes can easily go from a harmonious union of two distinct flavour profiles that complement one another — to a disaster of overwhelming saccharine-sweetness. Unfortunately, their Ribena wings fell under the latter.
The Ribena did not enhance the flavour of the wings in any way. On the contrary, we found ourselves trying our very best to avoid the sweet blackcurrant syrup. 🥵
Interesting idea but not something I will order again.
(Suggestion: introduce a tangy/ acidic element to neutralise the syrupy-sweetness + add garlic/onion to bring another dimension to the dish)

🍝Mad About Pasta Tasting Menu ($32++)🍝
(1 Appetiser + 3 Pastas + 1 Dessert)

• Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Yuzu, Salted Seaweed and Ikura •
So let me start by saying: I really DO NOT like yuzu, what more in an item that’s supposed to be savoury. So I was pleasantly surprised by how they were able to incorporate the yuzu into the pasta without making it overwhelmingly tart and citrusy. 🍊
Honestly, the seaweed didn’t do much for me (except for a little of contrast in colours cos ~aesthetics~). BUT the ikura were like little flavour bombs, giving the Angel hair pasta a nice ocean-y taste 🌊

🍱 Hitsumabushi ($29.50++): Glazed with tare (sweetened soy-based sauce) and caramelised over charcoal fire, the Japanese freshwater eel served here is reeeally fresh and sweet.
It’s lightly crisp (& enveloped with a wonderful smoky flavour) on the outside, but oh-so-succulent and tender on the inside — it just melts in your mouth. They absolutely nailed the texture. 👍🏼
[Bonus: I LOVE the freshly-grated wasabi 💯💯 A little pinch of it really helped to enhance the taste of the unagi, whilst giving you that extra kick!]

These Maple Garlic Wings ($10/ 6 pieces) were crispy on the outside and tender, juicy & MOIST AF on the inside. CHEF’S KISS🧑🏻‍🍳👌🏼😘
Flavour wise, (disclaimer: I LOVE GARLIC 🧄) so I really liked how the garlic permeated through the sweetness of the maple syrup and gave the wings a really bold flavour. This dish is reminiscent of Korean fried chicken 🍗, with a liiittle touch of Canada 😉🍁🍯
Just imagine this on waffle...🤤 OOOF🥴

Came here on a Saturday afternoon and we were taken aback by how empty the place was! For the entire hour and a half, we were the only patrons there. 😯
🍜 Served chilled, the Scallop Truffle Pasta ($18) came with a fairly decent amount of scallops. The broth was refreshing and light, yet umami — perfect for a hot day (basically every day in SG 🥵).
🍗 The Boneless Stuffed A-wings ($12 for 6 pieces) came with a Buah Keluak dipping sauce. Interesting pairing! For the uninitiated, Ayam Buah Keluak is a traditional Peranakan cuisine.
(If you’ve never tried it before, I think this is a good place to start — the buah keluak sauce is palatable, nothing too strong or overpowering!)
🍵 Matcha Milk with coconut jelly ($7) - not in picture: Huge cup (700ml) but too sweet for my liking. Taste wise... The drink just reminds me of the $2 sweet talk bbt 😂
To fellow Burpple Beyond users: take note of the timings you’re allowed to use the Beyond deals! We came on a Saturday afternoon and were a little disappointed that we were unable to use them. (We didn’t know that there were restricted timings for Premium users as well!)

🐟Cod Fish and Chips ($18.9): Decent plate of fish and chips — though nothing out of the ordinary or particularly memorable. But it was really worth it with Burpple Beyond!
🍝Laksa Pesto ($18.9): Again, nothing that really WOW-ed me. Couldn’t taste the pesto cream, so the pasta just tasted like Dry Laksa to me. I would’ve liked the sauce to be a little creamier (maybe a bit more coconut milk..?)

🍝 Their Truffle Bacon Mushroom Farfelle ($17) was hearty and comforting. I loved the texture of the Farfelle and they’re really generous with their ingredients! 👍🏼
Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we paid 22 NETT in total for two mains. 🤩 So. Worth. It.
I’ll definitely come back to try the other mains! 🤗

Ky Mak

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