The ice cream here was horrible. Worst $10 spent. Lucky it made a pretty picture.

Oh no! Why was it bad?
Zi Heng Tay don't even bother coming here
I found it not too bad.. It was a bit icy but that was quite welcomed in the hot weather outside. Why didn't you like it Jennifer Yeo ? Zi Heng Tay
Zi Heng Tay maybe I should be clearer. Just from the first taste, the bitter aftertaste was unbearable. Also, the pairings for the soft serve was weird and inflexible. I would never have paired peach with something as heavy as milk tea.
I agree! Won't last for long I suppose
Shi Loong Yeong and the area is quite a walk from the mrt station
I tried both each and milk tea individually and it was good! But the milk tea was quite a while back so maybe inconsistent.. And I do agree the pairing is weird 😐
The pairing are really weird. I had matcha and Yakult last week 😕 why no match & milk tea 😋