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Definite NO NO

Definite NO NO

Featuring Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, Curry Times (Velocity), Coolplay Soft Serve, Eighteen Chefs (Cineleisure), Kraze Burgers (Marina Bay Sands), Pasta Palace, Café Brio's (Grand Copthorne Waterfront), Happy 3 Bites Cafe, Southwest Tavern, Moonstone Bakery
Jennifer Yeo
Jennifer Yeo

Waited for an hour. You could see the orders piling up and yet no dishes coming out of the kitchen. All the wait staff could say that was that the kitchen was cooking both pizzas and pastas. How is that even a valid excuse?
In the end one of the waitresses had to cover three jobs as the server, cook and cashier. One of the tables nearby (arrived around the same time as us) was not even served all the drinks or any of their food (and that was after an hour). When our food arrived, pasta was burnt. You can see how black it is. My Parma ham aglio olio which was easily one of the easiest items on the menu didn't come with any Parma ham.
Utter failure.


The ice cream here was horrible. Worst $10 spent. Lucky it made a pretty picture.


Kung Fu JB Pau is having a buy 5 get 1 free offer. Luckily I only bought one because this lao sa pau is the most watery custard bun I have ever had!


My interpretation was that the restaurant would take out $5 from the $20 that I paid for the #eat2give platter (without drinks) to donate to charity. However, I was told to pay an additional $5 as a donation and it was not meant to be taken out from the $20. I ended up paying $25 instead of $20. What a rip off. Not happy. 😡😡


Thoroughly unimpressed by the service of #theglasshouse. I booked this restaurant for #restaurantweek2014 during the advance booking, before it was open to the public. And I got the message today. I received only one missed call in the afternoon and that according to them was them trying to call me. Their reason for it was because there was "a glitch" in their system. Very pissed with this kind of service. I would rather not go there at all.


Utter disappointment to buy a cake with the top already half peeled off. Also, hardly any cheese taste. A sugary aftertaste is all you get.

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All buns and greens with little substance. I prefer Carl's Jr any day.


It did rise but felt it was a bit undercooked and runny inside. Overall, not a good experience and will not recommend the place.


And it did live up to what everyone said. First churro I had that was mushy inside. Do not recommend this.


Which was essentially just BLEAH. It was awful. The taste just doesn't reflect how pretty it looks. Never will I try it again.


I'm never coming back. Food was very dismal. And my aglio olio was cold. They even took away my meal and said it was meant for someone else. And then returned it to me cos that someone else already got his steak. So unprofessional!

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