here at bird bird for the collaboration with three buns. the burger of the day is the bird bun ($16), a fried chicken thigh paired with nam jim slaw and coconut mayo, sandwiched by rice buns. the taste of the burger is undoubtedly thai-inspired, with its sour and spicy slaw (nam jim = dipping sauce in thai) and the juicy chicken thigh that had a slight lemongrass kick to it. the coconut mayo conjured images of the sea and coconut trees swaying in the breeze - well actually it reminded me of the nasi lemak burger from mcdonald’s. finally, the rice buns bravely soaked up all the juices from the chicken and the slaw while keeping its shape and texture. toasted (oat?) flakes on the top bun added crunch as well. pity it’s so far from home (and also a limited time collab). hoping it will pop up again sometime soon 😬