so we made our way to a sheltered area to nua.

magnum cafe. the girls ordered this imba creation made up of 2 magnum sticks served on a soft cookie which oozes out chocolate lava when we attacked it.

the magnum sticks were what we had tried before in sg. but the soft cookie was next level. soft and easy on the teeth for 老人家. and the chocolate lava was a surprise.

mix the ice cream with the cookie and you get an explosion of flavours in your mouth. machiam a mini party. hot, cold, sweet and savoury all happening at the same time.

next up was gindako takoyaki which disbanded in raffles city a few years back. and we were lucky to chance upon it here in penang. ordered the ones with egg mayo topping.

and heng the others liked it too. even the double standard klm who dont take selected seafood. no over spam of the flour. the fillings is legit octopus gao.

last snack was the jie lun sandwich. no queue here. and heng we bo waste money in sg. it just tasted like frozen prata from ntuc. disappointing.

33rm got magnum.
13rm for gindako.
4rm for liang sandwich.

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