At $15.80++, I preferred this unique savory waffle compared to the Assam crab waffle that we also tried.

As mentioned, Montana nails the texture of their waffles darn on point - crispy yet light on the exterior; soft and pillowy on the inside. Yet, what baffles about this particular waffle was how they managed to maintain that texture whilst having incorporated REAL CHUNKS of prawn and squid into the batter?!

I loved how the kimchi taste lingered in the batter as well - subtle yet omnipresent. It could’ve been stronger/spicier, though. What elevated the dish for me was the generous shavings if seaweed on top, as well as the specks of chili/kimchi powder alongside. The supposed garlic mayo had a sourish tinge, yet again it was too scant to be detected.

Definitely worth the try though, if you’re a fan of Korean food!