The only stall that probably is the most recognizable would be Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Stall 01-18), which has won plenty of accolades prior to also being featured on Netflix’s Street Food. Nonetheless, there are still several hidden gems from mee soto, mee rubus to even a braised duck rice that was recommended by @misstamchiak. Coming here for lunch, I honestly have no idea what to eat except the wanton noodles and kolo mee which I had previously, but from the blog article, the braised duck rice caught my attention. From Stall 01-58, Tong Kee Traditional Braised Duck Rice might not look attractive from stall front, but the quality and flavour of the food more than makes up from it. There’s absolutely no gaminess from the duck meat and the braised rice that comes with it is perfumed with hints of herbs. The game changer for me, in addition to the duck meat, is the chilli sauce that you definitely have to get as it takes the flavour up a notch by balancing the savouriness of the braise with the tanginess of the chilli.
📍Haig Road Market & Food Centre
14 Haig Road, Singapore 430014