Crab Meat with Tomato Cream Sauce topped with Jumbo Crab Lumps

Hidden amongst the row of old shophouses at Beach Road, @goodolddaysbistro is a nostalgic café that aims to bring diners back to the good old days, appealing to people of all ages. You can indulge in a gourmet sandwich or burger that will be served in a beautiful vintage case, while swinging at their 4-Seater Swing dining area. How cool is that 😂?

Though there may not be anything to rave about, it was still a pretty decent bowl of risotto. Each spoonful was creamy and comforting, with a nice contrasting texture from the plump crabmeat chunks. However, I wished the crab flavour in the risotto was more robust, and also the rice to be slightly softer. I guess it all boils down to personal preference 😄.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️