Their four cheese pizza is not bad. The cheese isn't too overwhelming, there's bits of blue cheese that isn't too strong. Bismarck is much better though, in terms of umami

Their crust was good as ever. Great chew from the doughy base. Slight crisp. Don't order all your pizzas together, the dough will harden slowly as it cools. And 2 wasn't enough to finish 1 pizza before it hardens

Anyway, rant:
Had blue label and casa nostra, as well as many other good pizza places before. Blue label calls themselves the best. Casa nostra is known as the best by those who have had the chance to try. But I feel both are abit unfair a comparison to pizza as we know it. The texture is very different from the pizza as we're used to: Neapolitan. While cicheti isn't known as the best, and I would have preferred a tad more airy and burnt crust, it made me feel like coming back after my first bite. Casa nostra was good too, but blue label, due to how greasy it was to achieve the crunch, didn't. In fact I planned to return to try some of the flavours but after the meal I'm thinking probably not lol. Not that they're not good, just that if you dare call yourself the best then the stakes are high.

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