South Korea's Seorae Galmaegi chain has finally taken root in Singapore, on the second floor of Plaza Singapura. This sprawling Korean BBQ house is best known for serving Galmaegisal ($21.90 for 170g, $29.90 for 270g), an exclusive pork skirt meat that was only served to royalty in the olden times. This small, precious cut of meat is found between the ribs and belly, and an adult pig only yields 250grams. Enjoy this rare treat, alongside other marinated meats like beef ribs and pork belly. Chilli lovers can also opt for the Spicy Galmaegisal ($22.90 for 170g, $31.90 for 270g). Charcoal is used instead of gas, and a circling grilling technique is employed by the staff, ensuring perfectly grilled meats. Don't miss the Three Musketeers ($31.90) that features original, spicy and soy sauce-flavoured pork belly. Quietly cooking on the outside of the grill is a moat of silky smooth eggs and a pool of molten cheese, perfect for dipping your meats into! Classic Korean meals like Mul Nangmyeon Noodles ($14.90) and Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90) are also available. Come for lunch on weekdays with your colleagues for the Dosirak Set ($9.90), a Korean-style packed lunch akin to bibimbap, served in a thin metal tin that you're meant to shake up, complete with free flow side dishes and a soft drink. End off with the refreshing Apgujeong Bingsoo ($14.90), which comes topped with thick-cut cheesecake and vanilla ice cream covered with cheese sprinkles!