No crowd at this outlet. Seats aplenty despite the world cup fever now).

I usually have Subway sandwiches and this is the first time I'm trying Toasties out.

I had the 6-inch smoked chicken and bacon sandwich.
My choice of bread: Italian.
The sides/ veggies I have chosen to go with my sandwich are:
Romaine/ tomatoes/ olives/ cheese/ haystack onion
Choice of sauce:
Creamy pesto (recommended by helpful staff)

Had to wait for a while for order to be prepared. There were only 2 staff. 1 in the kitchen, another at the cashier counter taking our order. Service was good.

Am well pleased with our food served; bread was toasty and had a really nice crisp. The toasted bread had a thin, almost shiny crackly crust that is crispy. Sandwich was absolutely yummy! The standard sauce (not the creamy pesto) that came along with the sandwich was a nice contrast to the meat; slightly tangy.

IMO, Toasties sandwiches are a notch above the subway sandwiches, justifying the slightly higher pricing.