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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Two Men Bagel House (Royal Square at Novena), Merely Ice Cream (Our Tampines Hub), Toasties (Our Tampines Hub)
Susana Tan
Susana Tan

Maybe I didn’t pick the right sandwiches. After I tried the fried chicken burger which was nice but didn’t blew me away, I tried this. Then I think I prefer the fried chicken. 😂

This is good for the health-conscious crowd. Definitely not mindblowing. Not for me at least. They could have added more sauce. All I could taste was the cold meat. not worth $8.

Maybe I will go again and have their impossible patty melt. It was sold out by the time I reached (12noon).


Made use of the 1-for-1 deal. So I think it is still worth it.

Went at 12 noon on a Sunday. The place was packed to the brim. Not easy to find a table. Had to leave my stroller outside the small place.

Perhaps one may want to consider buying takeaway to have it at the food centre just across the road, which is sparsely populated on weekends. It is cooler there than in the cafe.

One of the better chicken ‘burgers’ I had due to the sheer size of it. Thick, chunky, and juicy. I think it is a tad too oily for my liking. I mean, even the buns were soaked with oil. It was served with warm but I cannot imagine having it after it has cooled down.

I enjoyed it though it didn’t blew me away. Then again, I’m not a mcspicy/zinger burger person in the first place.


This ang ku kueh looks so much like a real AKK it is almost (un)believable! I mean even the dimensions are similar to a real AKK.

This AKK outer glossy layer of red is made up of black sugar infused with dates curd cover. It seems to have a slight hint of Yuzu. Beneath the glaze/ jelly is red bean paste with (pandan) mousse. At the base/ bottom is a crisp shortbread.

It tastes as fantastic as it looks! Un~un~un~un~un~believable!


The Ondeh Ondeh is one the simplest-looking desserts on display there.

It reminds me of Kinder Surprise, but even more surprising!

Breaking the thin, delicate green outer shell of the Ondeh Ondeh open, you will realise this dessert is not as simple as it seems.

The gula melaka sauce dribbled out from the top (layer) first, revealing the light brown (soft, pudding-like) caramel coconut cremeux below it. Right at the bottom is the almond sponge cake. The pandan mousse right beneath the delicate green shell, encapsulating within the Ondeh Ondeh, is a taste reminiscent of my childhood!

Incredibly amazing!


Can't recall the exact price, but it should be somewhere between $6-7.

Merely ice-cream on the whole is soft; not compacted, less dense than ice-cream from most other ice-cream palours. Smooth, sufficiently sweet and easy to dig into.

The yakult flavoured ice-cream really tastes like the green apple yakult drink, except that it is in ice-cream form.

The Hei sesame flavour is fragrant, nutty and subtly sweet. I expected the sesame ice-cream to be more 'rough', but it was surprisingly smooth. One of the better sesame ice-creams I have tried.


With the 2018 World Cup fever going on, there were only a few customers in the shop.

My choice of bread: Italian loaf
Choice of sides/ vegetables: Romaine/ tomato/ cheese/ olives X2
Choice of sauce: Ancho Chipotle

As with my previous visit to this outlet, the sandwich was toasty and this is what I like most about toasties. Very warm to (my) touch; almost a tad too warm to hold with my bare hands. One of the warmest sandwiches I ever had thus far. Warm food is just so comforting and enjoyable. It could be an age thing. 😆

Compared to Subway's sandwiches, I would say subway sandwiches are warmed (10secs), but they are not toasty warm/ hot.
Toasties' bread, like I mentioned in my previous review, has a thin, shiny, crispy skin/ crust that is so satisfying to bite into.

The chipotle sauce was creamy and spicy, and a tad too much.

Still, I love the Chipotle chicken sandwich.

Just to add on, their (skinny) fries are fantastic as well! They are like Long John Silver's fries; so crispy and nicely flavoured. Except that they are skinnier.


No crowd at this outlet. Seats aplenty despite the world cup fever now).

I usually have Subway sandwiches and this is the first time I'm trying Toasties out.

I had the 6-inch smoked chicken and bacon sandwich.
My choice of bread: Italian.
The sides/ veggies I have chosen to go with my sandwich are:
Romaine/ tomatoes/ olives/ cheese/ haystack onion
Choice of sauce:
Creamy pesto (recommended by helpful staff)

Had to wait for a while for order to be prepared. There were only 2 staff. 1 in the kitchen, another at the cashier counter taking our order. Service was good.

Am well pleased with our food served; bread was toasty and had a really nice crisp. The toasted bread had a thin, almost shiny crackly crust that is crispy. Sandwich was absolutely yummy! The standard sauce (not the creamy pesto) that came along with the sandwich was a nice contrast to the meat; slightly tangy.

IMO, Toasties sandwiches are a notch above the subway sandwiches, justifying the slightly higher pricing.

Date visited: 19/6/2018 (Tue, 11:30am)

It wasn't too crowded on a weekday before lunch hour. I stayed until 12 plus and the crowd wasn't too bad either. One can still find seating easily at the small outlet with limited seating.

From their list of breakfast bagels, I chose the 'Elvis Presley', a savoury and sweet bagel; bacon, smooth peanut butter and banana spread. For my choice of bagel, I chose a multigrain bagel.

The multigrain bagel is neither hard not squishy. It has a thin, almost shiny crackly crust that is slightly crispy. The bagel is slightly dense/ chewy but still light/ easy to bite through.

I also had the peanut butter shake ($7). It is rich, creamy, peanutty, sweet, and salty all at the same time. Absolutely delicious.

Do order a drink to go with the Elvis Presley bagel as the peanut butter will stick to the roof of your mouth, teeth... lips etc.


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