Just like yours truly. All jokes aside though, this is a tasty burger (bonus points if you read that in Jules' voice). To build a Crispy Inky Burger, a crispy yet juicy deep fried chicken thigh that has been bathed in squid ink is laid upon fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a soft charcoal bun before a measure of house made sweet tomato sauce is sprinkled upon the jet black piece of fried poultry. This burger is pretty accurately described as Korean fried chicken being dunked in squid ink instead of the usual sauce, and then sandwiched between two buns to get the final (and rather flavorsome) result.

While it might not be a life changing burger, it's a solid burger to maximize your bang for the buck with at $14.90. Don't be afraid to get down and dirty with this black beauty (the black sauce tends to be a little runny) and then wash it all down with an ice cold pint of Schneider Weisse that's on tap. Any place that has a pair of blonde Germans on tap is already a winner in my books, but to be paired with such decent dishes at relatively prudent prices?

Why did it take me forever to give Black Tongue Bistro a go?