From the boys behind Kilo comes this four-month-old venture that has been well-received by the Shentoners (can we call you that?). Located at the new CapitaGreen building, this high-ceilinged, concrete-floored space is abuzz with excitement come lunch time despite the price tag on these bowls. The menu is simple — pick from any six of the aforethought Hero bowls ($16) like El Hibaro, a combination of warm striploin steak, lightly charred vegetables, wafu tomatoes and salsa verde on a bed of sushi rice. Alternatively, customise your own bowl and go for the char-grilled salmon, tuna or the flavour-packed pulled pork from the proteins, and don't miss the wild mushrooms from the hot veg. Of the sauces, the Miso Caramel and the Beetroot Feta Yoghurt are simply irresistible. Go easy on the grains here, portions are generous and they fill you up even before you start to dig into the rest of the bowl. Come with a lunch buddy and split up — one to snag a seat and one to order. Otherwise, be prepared to dig into your bowls at the alfresco standing bar. For maximum effect, add a dash of the chili flakes and chili padi found next to the utensils before digging in! p.s. Do try their White Cold Brew ($7.50) before you go!