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Featuring The Refinery, Portico Host (Alexandra), Maki-San (The Cathay), Tolido's Espresso Nook, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant, The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), Portico Prime (Dempsey), Nook & Cranny, IPPIN Café Bar, A.S. Seafood Soup 安盛海鲜汤 (Bedok)
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The pitter patter outdoors has got me craving for some hot popping ramen.

Part of the Keisuke group, Ramen Keisuke Kani King is an outlet that specializes in Crab Broth Ramen. For all crab lovers out there, you must MUST come here & grab a bowl.
I had the Crab Broth Ramen with Flavoured Soup, Rich Soup ($15.90) which comes with a creamy crabby base broth made of swimming crabs & chicken bones instead of the typical pork bases that you get elsewhere.
Every spoonful sends you straight to crab heaven, and you can choose the intensity of flavour, amount of oil & texture of noodles as well!
If you're with friends, or just really hungry, have a go at their Gyoza (5 pieces for $5) which comes perfectly seared & crispy!

Ended our evening with a sweet & slightly bitter ending with treats from @matchayasg!

For those who don't know, their Cha Cha Pop ($8) is a collab done with the people behind @nehnehpopsg! I'm not usually a fan of matcha, but I must say that this has got me inching towards changing my mind 😬

⚠️ PSA: their collab will be coming to an end soon & they're down to the last 10-15 sticks of Cha Cha Pop. So hurry head down to their stores at Cathay or Icon Village to get your hands on the last few!

Also, new items are brewing & keep your eyes peeled!

I've been hearing a lot of good comments about Kin Cow that planning a trip to have dinner there was super exciting!

Earlier this month, they launched their Beef hotpot ($55 for 2 pax or $88 for 4 pax) which contains a huge (refillable) pot of beef broth, filled with beef balls, tripe, beef brisket, beef tendon & morning glory (Kang Kong). On top of that, you get a side of sliced short rib & sliced sirloin for you to dip & cook! You can also choose a carb, either fragrant rice or noodles (I suggest the Thai kwayteow or tanghoon) & it's free flow!! Top up another $10 & you get the hot plate as well, and another portion of meat for you to fry!
Grab your troops for this one beefy good meal 🥘

Possible burger number 160 out of 200, I was the fortunate last few to get my hands on @innout's one day pop up at @porticohost!

Fortunately, they still had the double-double, animal style which was a double mustard cooked beef patty cheeseburger sandwiched between cheese slices & tomatoes, lettuce, onions & their signature sauce (which is amazeballz). I had the full set which comes with a drink & side of chips & best part, it's only $7 🙌🏼 TALK ABOUT WORTH IT.
Please come back for more pop ups again, cause not everyone got to try how amazing this is.
On a side note, @burpple's having a Burger Party giveaway for 10 pax happening right now! Check out for more details on their Facebook page or you can just ask me about it 😬


Catch ups with the ex One Man crew over at the outlet where it all first started.

If you've not known, @onemancoffee has expanded their menus slightly to include pastas, chilled soba & a couple of sides to spruce up the menu!
One of my new favorites would be the Furikake Mushroom Pasta ($12) which is simple, yet packed with umami flavors from the shrooms & furikake! Break up the onsen egg (#eggporn moment) & mix them all together to give you that slight creaminess to add the additional texture.
Pair it alongside either blends from @axilcoffeeroasters or the single origin from @nyloncoffee & you've got yourself a decent meal under $20!
Always good to see up with familiar faces & catch up on where life takes us at this point in time 😌

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Be it a late night supper haunt, or a rainy day comfort meal, Ya Hua would be my go-to for a good bowl of peppery Ba Ku Teh (aka 肉骨茶 aka Pork Ribs Soup).

One side that you may want to order as a group would be the Braised Pig Trotters 卤猪脚 ($7 / $10). With collagen packed skin & soft tender meat, what you'd want to do is go in for a huge scoop of sauce & drizzle it all over your bowl of rice or add it to your bowl of mee sua. That rich flavorful sauce will pack every mouthful with an oomph as you dig in.

#BurppleSGLateNight #YaHuaBaKuTeh #SUPPERTIME

Winding down to the weekends over Panna Cotta ($7) & a ¾ Latte ($4) from @kithsingapore!

Was intrigued when I saw ¾ Latte on the menu cause I had no idea what it was, but when it arrived, it looked much like a Gibraltar / Cortado that's served elsewhere. A good medium body roast with nutty accents helps provide the mid-day boost.
Pair it with their Panna Cotta topped with mixed berries to give you that sour tang that you'd need & you've pretty much got tea time settled. 😌

Tucked on the inside of Sengkang swimming complex is Citrus Bistro, a little hideaway cafe bistro that you can munch at after working out swimming those laps at the pool.

Treat yourself to an array of pastas, burgers, sandwiches & desserts which tastes like someone out of mum's kitchen!
Their Tom Yum Seafood Pasta ($10.80) was definitely one of the highlights (& a dish that even my mum enjoyed). Filled with fresh clams, squid, prawns & served with a tangy, spicy broth, the pasta is a great perk me up after being exhausted from the day's activities.
Left with a couple of days, show this post to the staff at the venue & you'd get a 10% discount off your total bill! Do note it's only valid for dine-in & the discount is not applicable for promotional items! I'd recommend you drop them a call before popping by so that you don't have to pay the entry fee into the complex!
Thanks to the dynamic siblings of @thecitrusbistro for hosting my family & I on a lovely Saturday evening!

Rainy cold days got me thinking about something warm, soupy & extremely comforting.

The Sài Gòn / Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup ($12) is one comforting yet healthy choice! Instead of using pho, Mee Tai Mak (Rat's Tail) is used instead. This makes it easier for most to have spoonfuls filled with MTM & it's pork-filled clear broth, while preparing for that spicy yet light kick of chili to end off each mouthful.
Another item you should try if you're intending to head down is the Banh Xeo ($12.90) which is an eggy pancake filled with prawns, pork and fresh herbs! You can either have it on it's own, or wrap it with lettuce before popping it in!

Fancy some Kueh on this Kueh-zy Monday?

At $1.20 a piece, you can either go for the traditional kuehs such as the Soon Kueh & Peng Kueh, or step out of your comfort zone & try out other versions such as the Beetroot Kueh.
Have it One Kueh at a Time, or all at one go, whichever floats your boat!

#BurppleJalanBesar #JalanJalanBesarDay

Feasting up yesterday with fellow TMs on our part 2 trail of #JalanJalanBesarDay for #BurppleJalanBesar!

Tucked on the inner side of Kim San Leng, situated just opposite Mustafa Centre is this unassuming noodle store!
At 亚河潮州粿条面, you'd get an option of either buying an individual portion of dry noodles, or purchase a couple of portions to share, and top it up with more ingredients to 加料 (add ingredients). My favorite combination would be kway teow dry with loads of chilli! & I must say, the chili is crazy shiok & addictive, giving you the extra kick that you'd need.