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Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu
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Located just a stone throw away from Dhoby Ghaut station, L'éclair by Sarah Michelle is a lush comfortable space for an afternoon tea with friends or family!

Choose from a variety of their handmade eclairs (there are 10 flavours every day!), which are both gorgeous and pretty amazing! We had the Pistachio ($8) and tried a new flavour, Baileys Cheesecake ($8.50)!

The Pistachio eclair was dressed with pistachio montee ganache, topped with chopped pistachios and slices of strawberries, allowing for the perfect balance of that combination without being overly sweet!

On the other hand, the new Baileys Cheesecake has a subtle taste of baileys on its topping, allowing it to be light and not overpowering!

Pair your eclairs with a pot of tea and raise those pinkies for a great weekend ahead!
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@montanasingapore recently added on new items to their waffle-centric menu and have decided to set a test for all your chilli loving friends.

Their extension includes the Samyang Fire Carbonara ($16.80) that is available in 5 levels of hell, I mean spiciness.

If you’ve tried the korean samyang cup noodles, you’d know how spicy it gets and I must say, this is a lot worse, thanks to the additional spices on top of the samyang hot chicken spice that acts as a base for the pasta.

Pictured is level 1 and 3, which is a popular option for many as it’s bearable spiciness without killing you or numbing your tastebuds. The ingredients are simple, with bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella, which you can’t go wrong with. You can still taste the chicken flavour at level 3, so not to worry.

For the adventurous ones, you may like to attempt level 5 (swipe left)! We decided to dive in just for kicks and realised how it kicked out butts. Stated as a level not meant for mere mortals, I think we flew to heaven after having our first scoop, so do attempt at your own risk, or for fun 😈

Thank you @vanessa_kou and @gastrology_ for the invite!
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They’re usually known for their dessert treats by @brotherbirdflagship, but for those who don’t know, they too have a pretty decent dinner menu of Asian-fusion cuisine!

One of the items that caught our eye was the Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($22). Mentally, it did sound like a pretty adventurous dish, but upon the first mouthful, I could figure why it worked!

Similar to chicken rice, the risotto is cooked with garlic and topped with soy braised chicken, naibai, sriracha chilli vinaigrette, fried shallots and spring onions! The broth that comes from the braised chicken packed a garlicky punch which felt like the most tasty and flavour-packed risotto I’ve had in quite awhile.

If being adventurous is not your thing, why not try the Mentaiko Salmon Pasta ($25). A generous portion of poached salmon sits atop aglio olio with mentaiko dressing, and is dressed wih tobiko, spring onions and seaweed. You get a creamy combination of the mentaiko when mixed and pairs well with the poached salmon!

Last but not least, end your night with their famous Mochi Donut which comes with seasonal flavours of soft serve! We ordered the Peanut Butter soft serve and it paired so well with the mochi donut that it felt as if we were having muah chee. The combination and texture of the mochi paired with the ice cream brought us back to our younger days to fighting over small packets of muah chee, but yet enough to satisfy our dessert cravings.

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One of the amazing (and fairly secretive) dishes would be the Le Indomee Royale ($18)! Available only from 9pm onwards, this pasta-like dish has taken the typical carbonara up one notch, using indomee as it’s base, and topped with shaved cheese, pancetta and eggs.

Another must order would be the Ba Chor Mee Grilled Cheese ($16). Think your typical supper favourite, without the noodles and slabbed with tons of cheese and grilled to perfection.

Last but not least, these Bacon Lollipops ($16) are another must order! Grilled pork belly glazed with honey are perhaps the most savoury and delicious lollies you get around here.

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I got the Sao Paolo ($6.50 for S, $12.50 for L) which included blended açai, cacao, banana, soy milk and almond butter; topped with granola, banana, cocoa nibs, almond butter, coconut flakes and goji berries.

Talk about all the superfoods in one bowl! This healthy concoction makes it a sweet yet satisfying meal / snack and my personal favourite would be that almond butter 😍

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One of the favourites from the meal was the Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) served with Mentaiko, Truffle Oil and toast. This was on their specials menu, which meant that it’s limited!

The combination of the perfectly seared ankimo, paired with the salty mentaiko and drizzled with truffle oil was a mini party in my mouth as the flavours were a symphony to my tastebuds.

Another must order would be their Gyusuji Daikon ($4.90) which is simmered beef tendon served with white radish. The beef tendon instantly melts in your mouth, while the daikon that is cooked with the stew absorbs the remaining juices, allowing for sweet bites in between.

Apart from that, the potato mochi was another addictive snack which I’d call dips for the next time I head there.

Lastly, the Salmon Butter Gohan ($18.90) comes with salmon sashimi, butter, mentaiko and soy sauce served in a hot stone bowl. Feel free to mix it up on your own or get the staff to help you with it and enjoy the aroma and of course, the taste of the finished product.

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The latter two ingredients are not my usual decisions, but I must say, the way they mixed the ingredients together made it one delicious dish which I easily finished up.

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Upon the recommendation of my cousin, who’ve been here, we had a go at a family-owned store, Bardsley’s.

It’s a little out of the way and not part of the major attractions of this city, but you do know that they’re good when you see locals dropping by every 5 minutes to place an order or two for takeaway.

We had a go at the Cod & Chips as well as the Haddock & Chips, both Child portions and going at £8.90 each.

The fishes and chips are fried upon each order, so do expect a slight way in the event that they do get really busy.

As we popped in fairly early, we waited no more than 10 minutes and had hot pipping fish & chips served to us. What I loved most was how the batter was thin and coated the fishes lightly, allowing the meat to retain its freshness and juices.

I had the haddock, and loved how firm the fish was, providing a good bite with every mouthful and paired with the batter, a pretty delicious combination. The chips (it’s fries), are hand cut and served plain. You have an option of adding salt and vinegar to it, as what the locals do, or have it as it is!

On the other hand, if you ordered the Cod & Chips, do expect a slightly softer texture of the fish.

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With an all white interior & exterior, and glass panels all around, @coffeetzar offers you sandwiches & cakes, together with their list of beverages.

I opted for the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Caramel Tart (£4.65) and their Chai Latte (£2.80) which went so well together!

I loved how the richness and bitterness of the dark chocolate balanced out the sweetness of the caramel with every mouthful. On top of that, the crunchy bits of pistachio added some savoury touches to the tart, making this tart a personal favourite amongst tarts I’ve had thus far.

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With an order of the flaming bowl, you’d be able to watch your bowl get torched live in front of you which allows you to dive into a sizzling hot beef bowl almost instantly.

At $23.90 (the most expensive of the 4 variations), you get the Flaming Japanese Wagyu Beef Bowl! Enjoy the tender slices of Wagyu served as you mix up the bowl together with their signature yogurt sauce.

Alternatively, you can opt for their Flaming Organic Beef Bowl ($13.90) for a pocket friendly option!

Thank you @brandcellar for the lovely invite!

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Had a go at their Sumo Ramen ($23) which looks & smells amazing upon arrival. In addition to their Tonkotsu broth which has received many praises, they have expanded their soup broths to include exciting new flavours such as the Spicy Miso (+$2.50), Black Sesame Miso & the Shoyu (psst, swipe right).

The Spicy Miso is made from their house-roasted spicy miso & spice blend which packs a ton of punch without being overbearing, making it slurp worthy no doubt.

The second would be the Black Sesame Miso, which comes with their house Miso blend, with black sesame & roasted garlic. Imagine your black sesame paste that you get at your chinese dessert store but more savoury & mixed with umami flavours. With the addition of all the roasted beef toppings, the flavours gel so well together.

Last but not least, there’s the shoyu broth. The lighter of the three additional broths, and is made with light clear umami soy blend with dashi, which makes it the easiest drinking soup base of the lot. We had the opportunity to try out the soup base on its own without the noodles and ingredients & boy would I be able to drink that broth all by itself.

Each bowl of Sumo Ramen comes with tons of beef such as as the slow-roasted oxtail, braised beef tendon, sautéed sliced US beef, 8 hour slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib & Negano pork char siew! Gosh was that a mouthful.

Thank you @nantheless for your lovely hospitality! ♡


The thick soup base made from fish bones & cooked with a dash of milk warms your belly as you slurp away with your choice of noodles or rice, and a selection of either steamed or fried fish.

Kick it up a notch with their in-house chilli & you’ve got yourself a comforting bowl of noodles.