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Featuring The Refinery, Jamie's Italian (VivoCity), Portico Host (Alexandra), Maki-San (The Cathay), Ikoi Japanese Restaurant, The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), PasarBella (Suntec City), Portico Prime (Dempsey), Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Kebun Baru Market & Food Centre
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu
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Had a go at their Sumo Ramen ($23) which looks & smells amazing upon arrival. In addition to their Tonkotsu broth which has received many praises, they have expanded their soup broths to include exciting new flavours such as the Spicy Miso (+$2.50), Black Sesame Miso & the Shoyu (psst, swipe right).

The Spicy Miso is made from their house-roasted spicy miso & spice blend which packs a ton of punch without being overbearing, making it slurp worthy no doubt.

The second would be the Black Sesame Miso, which comes with their house Miso blend, with black sesame & roasted garlic. Imagine your black sesame paste that you get at your chinese dessert store but more savoury & mixed with umami flavours. With the addition of all the roasted beef toppings, the flavours gel so well together.

Last but not least, there’s the shoyu broth. The lighter of the three additional broths, and is made with light clear umami soy blend with dashi, which makes it the easiest drinking soup base of the lot. We had the opportunity to try out the soup base on its own without the noodles and ingredients & boy would I be able to drink that broth all by itself.

Each bowl of Sumo Ramen comes with tons of beef such as as the slow-roasted oxtail, braised beef tendon, sautéed sliced US beef, 8 hour slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib & Negano pork char siew! Gosh was that a mouthful.

Thank you @nantheless for your lovely hospitality! ♡

The thick soup base made from fish bones & cooked with a dash of milk warms your belly as you slurp away with your choice of noodles or rice, and a selection of either steamed or fried fish.

Kick it up a notch with their in-house chilli & you’ve got yourself a comforting bowl of noodles.

While looking through the menu, the Smoked Salmon Rosti (320 THB) caught my eye, as it comes with my all time favourite - potatoes, together with smoked salmon, a side of salad, horseradish & sourcream.

Don’t be fooled by the portion, it does fill you quite a fair bit, but of course, with enough space for you to have a coffee, or two.

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Limited to 400 bowls till it runs out, the Pepper King comes packed with a pepper punch that would send you either loving it (for pepper lovers), or tearing in between sips of the thick pepper broth.
The limited king is an additional to the 4 kings (the constant ones), and will change once the limited portions are over.

Apart from the craft beers that you get to consume at @hustlecosg, why not wake up earlier & try out their brunch menu!
I tried their Salmon Rosti ($22), which comes with (my fav) a rosti base, salmon fillet, dill creme fraiche & salmon roe!
I love how dill works with all types of fishes, and infusing that into the creme fraiche was a pretty smart move. It allows the herb to cut through the cream without being too overpowering, making it a great complement for both the salmon & rosti.

Always start your day with coffee, cause if you don’t, I don’t know what else jolts you awake the way caffeine does.
@vcrlovesyou’s Cold Brew does just that without being too overbearing especially for those who are not used to non-milk based coffees. •

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Their goal is to ensure that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring & breaks the stigma that it lacks flavour.
They definitely did prove themselves especially for people like me (cue non-vege eaters), where every dish was colourful, flavourful & really yummy!
One of my favorites from that evening was their Baked Potato Al Fungi ($16). Using King Oyster Mushrooms, it was poached and drizzling with mushroom sauce, and surrounded mashed sweet potato. On the side, you have a baked potato, stuffed with chopped mushrooms & topped with piped mashed potato on top to give you that gorgeous crisp when baked.
First #BurppleEatUp of 2018 done, to many more this year with the @burpple team & fellow #BurppleTastemakers! 🎉

Have a go at their mains, with a choice of the Espresso Miso Chicken Roulade ($17.90++) or the Pan-Seared Beef Striploin ($19.90++). The Chicken Roulade was a standout with their coffee butter glaze which added a light coffee flavour to the meat paired with their lightly charred brussel sprouts & japanese sweet potato.

After which, go for their Snowman Honey Toast with Baileys Ice Cream ($19.90++), which is a spruce up from their usual honey toasts.
End the sweet treat with Mr Snowman as you sip on their Dazzling Hot Chocolate Tea ($7++) or their Iced Chocolate Peppermint with Cherry ($7.90++). •

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With breakfast beginning at 8:30am, you can grab a cuppa together with fresh bakes that includes muffins & protein squares.
Or stop over during your lunch break from 11am inwards to have a go at their Big Fat Greek Salad ($5.50 / $8.50) or Pizzas ($5.50) instead.
We had a go at their Margherita & Italian Hot Pizza which are part of the Hot Deli Offerings. A substantial square with fresh ingredients that are perfect for your on-the-go dining especially if you’re in between meetings!
Thank you @cassakating for the invite & @foodnewspr for the invitation!

The sweet juicy berries were used in crafting these delicate desserts from @chefyamashita - the Strawberry Tart & Strawberry Short Cake.
A definite gem these babies are 😍

Thank you @sqtop for the invitation!

A traditional dish only found within Hoi An is their Cao Lâu, or simply put, Pork Noodles.
The noodles in itself is something you don’t see often, the noodles are made from the lye ash grown outside the town & made with water from an ancient well. The consistency & look is a combination of kway teow & soba. White clear noodles with a chewy bite, but yet it soaks up the sauces very well.
Above the noodles lies local greens such as mint, bean sprouts, basil, lettuce, Vietnamese fish leaf, xa xiu (aka char siew) & the best part, pork crackling.
Stir it all together with leftover zhup from the xa xiu & you’ve yourself an extremely flavorful dish. •

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The Mixed Banh Mi (VDN20,000) consists of freshly baked baguette, pork (from the trotter oh gosh), ham, eggs, pate, vegetables, egg sauce & papaya.
The juices that oozed out with every bite leaves you wanting to dive in to the next mouthful over & over again.
What started out as one bite of my sandwich ended up in my siblings getting another whole Banh Mi for themselves even though their bellies were filled to the brim, that’s how good it was. •

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