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[CLOSED] Hachifukumaru Ramen

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


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Pretty good and flavorful broth and nice tender chashu slices but really nothing too amazing. Good for a quick fix or if you're around the area and craving ramen.


Set of Pork soup ramen with black oil, potato salad, 3 chicken balls, almond jelly and 1 glass of ice green tea, $18.90++ - ramen was alright, chicken balls seemed like minced chicken, almond jelly tasted like almond milk jelly. Egg omelet with roe, $6++ - it tasted soft and great.

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I loved the flavorful soup broth and also the texture of the ramen. Their soup broth wasn't too salty and thick.
I guess much improvement is required for that piece of chashu, it was a little too tough. Prefer it to be soft and melt-in-mouth kind.


I risk getting shot by diehard fans for saying this, but I actually prefer this offshoot to its elder sibling Nantsuttei.

The creamy opaque broth extracted from pure chicken goodness has forever changed my (utterly wrong) perception that ramen made from chicken stock is inferior to a pork-based one. To enhance the delicately sweet broth, add in a little garlic mayu oil for more depth of flavours.

Making ramen, however simple, is a craft that requires both skill and dedication to get the requisite elements right. And here they did, from the al dente noodles to the flavourful charshu. The ajitsuke tamago is also one of the best I've had - well-marinated with a perfect semi-molten core.


Love the leeks and green onions. I have 4 big pieces of char siew too.

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Similar tasting broth as the Negi Ramen but lighter. Cha Siew kinda dry. $16++