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Tried Italian dishes with a local seafood twist as recommended by the waitress - chilli crab pasta ($24) and golden fragrance seafood pizza ($22). The pasta was a tad salty but I appreciated the generous cheese shavings and decent amount of meat. The pizza my family found to be a huge letdown- sauce was decently local-tasting though a bit salty but the pizza dough was way too buttery and once we realised it tasted like prata, there was no un-tasting it. Probably wouldn’t go again.

Love how the ratio of protein to carb is flipped in this “burger” with the big pieces of fresh-off-the-grill unagi sandwiching a small portion of Japanese rice. All held together within a large sheet of crisp seaweed. It can be a bit hot to hold but juggle it you must, for it it loveliest eaten quickly. At least that’s what I feel 😄

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In search of the best bowl in town, and we ended up in Orchard Central with an empty tummy aching to be filled and high expectations.
Although I can’t say for sure that this Nantsuttej has the best ramen, but it’s surely a worthy contender (at least in Sg).
The broth was super rich, a umami bomb to be exact. Swimming in the thick soup is springy, semi-hard noodles, crunchy beansprouts (loads of em’!), and flavourful chashu slices.
Loved the broth, enjoyed slurping up the noodles and went home with a satisfied tummy.

Carbonara is not jelat. There’s bacon, poached egg, mushroom (which were really nice).

Will definitely come back again to try their pizza!

The Morgan's Christmas Feast $149.90++ (serves 4) featured above will surely make everyone's faces light up with joy. I know because mine did! And if the platter's just too much for you, you can still order smaller servings.

1⃣BBQ Beef Rib glazed with Hickory BBQ Sauce $89.90++(Half Rack ) / $209.90++ (Whole Rack)
2⃣Cranberry Sticky Bones$29.90++ (Half Slab) / $48.90++ (Full Slab)
3⃣Hazelnut Sticky Bones $29.90++ (Half Slab) / $48.90++ (Full Slab)

I really enjoyed all the ribs, in particular the BBQ Beef Ribs which were so tender, you can simply just eat it with a fork! We had so much food, I tarpowed 2 and 3 and had them for dinner the next day. Still good!
Maybe I need to go for the Weekend Ribs Buffet. Only $40++!!
#morganfields #morganfieldssingapore #stickyribs

🎄 Roasted Whole Turkey in Coconut Curry with Bird’s Eye Chilli
🎄 Soya Glaze Turkey with Coconut Sriracha
Enjoy 1 for 1 Festive Lunch & Dinner Buffet at Window on the Park priced from $70.00++ available from 1 to 31 Dec 2019
Location: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, 11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore 229616
#holidayinnorchardcitycentre #burpple #burpplesg #sgchristmas2019 #mfxmas2019

For our 2 top picks, we had their 350 days grain-fed Wagyu Bedrock Pepper Ribeye steak and 365 days grain-fed Ribeye Cap steak which were both amazing in different ways. Of cos, the pleasure was doubled with @entertainersg for that awesome deal.

Both drinks were such a pleasant surprise! 😋😋 Loved that the hazelnut latte wasn’t too sweet and was really milky and had a nice wholesome flavour, though wished that the hazelnut flavour shone through a little more! The chocolate mint ice blended looked like it would taste really artificial but it was actually really good! Loved that they used dark chocolate and it went really well with that tinge of mint and was so refreshing! Lovely well lit setting on one of the bridges in Plaza Singapura, with plenty of seating and power plugs available 👍🏻👍🏻

Smoked Salmon Benedict (~$16) was tbh pretty disappointing, though the staff was nice enough to let us switch out the eggs to scrambled eggs 🍳 The hollandaise sauce was weirdly sour and I was Glad they separated it bc I didn’t like it 😶 Tbh just skip this and stick to the hotcakes.

Ig @goodfomood

Weekend brunch hotcakes, anyone? Try the Espresso Hotcakes (~$14): sprinkled with granola, muesli and loADS of fruits, I Guess you could trick yourself into thinking this is healthy 😅🤷🏻‍♀️
The espresso orange butter had a nice tangy feel and I really liked it, though I thought they could be more generous with this, since it def wasn’t enough for the huge hot cake! The bottom of the pancake was soaked in maple syrup, though it could be bc we left it for awhile! 🥞

Ig @goodfomood

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Salmon nigiri and tamago unagi. Fresh sushi at reasonable pricing. Quite a good lower carb meal considering there's only 4 mouthfuls of rice.