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Vegetarian crab noodles from the kind bowl a cosy hole in the wall eatery on Killney. The soup is refreshing with a mildly tangy spicy taste so I added in the chilli padi. Made with fresh mint leaves, onions and pineapples which had absorbed the soup so well that you couldn’t taste the sweetness. The tofu based crab cakes were pretty unique and tasty and fortunately did not have a fishy flavor. Substantial portion for one person.

One thing is for sure is that our F&B scene is constantly evolving and innovating with new menus, and to celebrate the year-end festivities and welcome the new year, Oriole Coffee + Bar will be launching their special truffle menu from 1 December 2021 till 28 February 2022, available all-day for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. With the addition of truffle, it adds a touch of luxe and indulgence to your dining experience as you give yourself a well-deserved break or treat from the daily hustle and bustle.

The trio that will be headlining the truffle menu includes the Truffle Scrambled Egg & Cheese Burger ($16) which contains fluffy scrambled egg cooked in truffle oil and crispy smoky bacon sandwiched between brioche buns and served with fries and a side salad. My top pick has got to be the Truffle Mushroom Pizza ($22) made with a thin crust pizza dough, aioli base that contains truffle paste and topped with mozzarella cheese, bite-sized chunks of button and shiitake mushrooms that has been sauteed in truffle oil, and rocket leaves to give it a refreshing touch and balancing the rich flavours from the truffle. Last but not least, there is the Ravioli with Porcini Mushrooms in Truffle Cream Sauce ($25), a pasta dish cooked in a cream-based sauce made with milk, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, gorgonzola, and truffle butter. To up the ante, sauteed button and shiitake mushrooms are added as a finishing touch.

Besides the food menu, there will be a set of festive drinks to go alongside your food. The lineup includes the Santa Shake ($10.50), A Merry Cocktail ($12.50) and D’leche ($12.50), all three having their unique spin to the usual Christmas traditions and the D’leche takes tops as the dulce de leche is swirled into espresso and froth milk for a warm and comforting end to the meal.
✨ Oriole Coffee + Bar
📍 96 Somerset Road, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, 01-01, Singapore 238163
🌐 https://delivery.oriole.com.sg/en_SG/
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Nicely handled unagi hitsumabushi with a bed of shredded omelette and freshly grated wasabi.. we also ordered the truffle Chawamushi from Sushi Kou that went pretty well with this.

ok a tragic photo, and that poached egg was disappointing asf. but still a satisfying brunch for a small eater like myself.. sour cream nested inside complemented well and i liked the ikura even though i didn't quite know why it was there. only worth it with beyond though

One of the more obscure tea places and on the pricier end but it’s worth it! I frequent the outlet nestled at a petrol kiosk in Sengkang but seems like it’s too small to even have a spot on Burpple

Interesting dish! Host was very friendly and sincere. He shared the inspiration and story behind their signature dish. Medium rare meat was not overwhelming for me (I rarely eat uncooked meat). I felt that the hot miso soup helped me enjoy it more.

Feature :
🎄Truffle Scrambled Egg & Cheese Burger.
My favourite, buttery soft brioche bun served with fluffy scrambled eggs cooked with a truffle oil, and crispy bacon to add the saltiness into the burger (not overly crispy, which I prefer it), regular french fries and a fresh green salad

🎄Truffle Mushroom Pizza.
crispy thin crust pizza dough is spread with an aioli base made with truffle paste as well as mozzarella cheese, and chunks of button mushrooms sauteed in truffle oil, finished with some rocket leaves and more truffle oil.

🎄Ravioli with Porcini Mushrooms in Truffle Cream Sauce
Al dente Ravioli pasta that stuffed with porcini mushrooms,served with a truffle cream sauce, and mixed mushrooms sauteed in truffle oil

Festive Drinks Menu
🎄Santa Shake - vanilla ice cream base zinged with Merlot, vodka and topped with whipped cream.
🎄A Merry Cocktail - vodka with cranberry juice, apple sours and bourbon vanilla syrup.
🎄D’leche - espresso with frothed milk and housemade dulce de leche or caramelised condensed milk

📍Oriole coffee+bar.
96 Somerset Road


literally nothing about this was good. i love salad but i struggled to finish this dry tasteless bowl. never again

super hefty huge bun probably meant to be split among four people and rightfully so because it’s like $7 or something… found it to be a bit too sweet, and the matcha taste was unnoticeable but overall still quite an enjoyable bread with the right chewiness and dense ness, and packed with seeds and dried fruits.