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Okie this was the genmaicha version and I surprisingly enjoyed it more as I loved the toasted rice notes that paired so so so well with the sweet azuki centre (last pic)!!! Defo a nice change to the usual matcha/hojicha items! ☺️

I like the chunks of sweet ptt that provided a nice textural contrast!! Would have preferred more cake to cream, but if you’re not a fan of the tea stuff here, you can get this!!

I’ve been following & ordering this cake since the start so I’ve seen it evolving a lot and I must say, I was really disappointed with the latest rendition. The amount of matcha mousse was disproportionately greater than the sponge (and I’m a cake cake kind of person) so this was a miss for me. Will not get this again unless the ratio of sponge increases 😭

I enjoyed this immensely as it was bitter and earthy, just the way I like it. The matcha was so aromatic and super intense!! 🥺

Managed to try Prosperity (Chicken) Burger Set ($9) before moving to another season. I felt it's was quite spicy due to the black pepper sauce and my friend told me that the burger was getting smaller and smaller each year. My friend is a fan of prosperity burger and always ordered burger throughout CNY Season. Peach McFizz taste cough syrup tbh and please don't order this drink next time. I always order Prosperity Twister Fries with different burger during poly life.

A portion of Edamame on the side.
Appetiser indeed.

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We had rice bowls served up at a small and cozy shop at Orchard Gateway. The salmon and roe were fresh, juicy and delicious with rice was cooked just right. Will be back to try the other offerings for sure. $25 for the one-for-one specials.

Affordable and filling Lunch Buffet @gorogorosg to enjoy ourselves before the crazy weeks coming ahead.😢
Price(Original-$16.90++)(Deals-$12.90++ cause we are valid to the deal) Hooray!🥳
Includes either free flow peach tea or calamansi drink. What a great deal.😍
Despite the limited options for Lunch, it's still quite filling for us since we spam the meats. We had the Beauty Collagen soup and Miso Seaweed soup. Both were savoury, tasty and appetising in it own way but I prefer the collagen more since I a sucker for it. Quality flavoured soup for this amount, I am sold.🙌
Desserts here were great.🤗
Love their smooth & soft honeydew too as its hard to find a good one in buffet if you know what I mean. Watermelon were big, fresh & juicy. Barley with Gingko nuts was sweet, chilled and nicely cooked.😋
Although the service might be a little slow but their staff were polite.👏
Are you a student/NSF/senior citizen?
If you are, from now till 14 Mar 21, jio at least 2 other friends together and enjoy a small discount per person while feasting @gorogorosg 🥳
T&C apply. Only in @thecentrepoint_sg outlet. Please refer to @gorogorosg post for more details.
Time limit - 90min/120min depending on day and meal time.
🚩GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet(Centrepoint), 176 Orchard Rd, 03-43, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
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Cute little family owned don place. Nice cosy vibe.
Food is delicious and nicely served.
The only issue is the price does not match the space. It's overpriced for what it is. That's why lost 1 star.

Burrple discount is too less than usual. 2 don sets are $30 and With burrple beyond, they are 25. This is unusual for burrple.

Salmon Don was great. Nice portion size, great presentation, lovely taste. No complaints with the food.

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Cute little family owned don place. Nice cosy vibe.
Food is delicious and nicely served.
The only issue is the price does not match the space. It's overpriced for what it is. That's why lost 1 star.

I ordered the wagyu Beef and it was soft and warm. Lovely to look and eat. Comes with little bed of rice and miso soup.

Burrple beyond is not really helpful here. Burrple only gives you very little discount here. Not sure how burrple team allowed such a little discount.