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Fell in love with this prawn noodles two years ago, and I’m glad to say it’s still as good on my revisit! Generous ingredients, tasty broth and most of all, very affordable!

Umami > Truffle carbo > hae bi hiam aglio > crab pomodoro

my favourite still is the umami prawn hehe truffle carbonara portion for some reason seems alot more (diff pasta noodles) the other 2 is just mehhhhh

Chicken Stew Rice w Omelette - $13.80
Demi-glazed chicken stew paired with omu rice. Omu uses steam butter rice which has some chicken and mushrooms in it. Rather average in taste. But, the egg is the highlight of the dish. It’s smooth and thick, enjoyable every mouthful by itself

📍Tonkatsu by ma maison, Mandarin Gallery📍
One of our go-to places for tonkatsu in Singapore, Ma Maison continues to dish out consistent and quality tonkatsu over the years. 💯 Got their famed tonkatsu and it certainly was well-fried, hot, fresh and crispy while the meat remains juicy!🐷 Another highlight for us was definitely the other components of the set meal, such as the pickles, cabbage, miso soup which are refillable!!!🎉 Also love that they serve other types of deep-fried items, which we couldn't resist trying their oyster katsu. Equally crispy and the juices just burst into your mouth when you bite into it!! Served with a slice of lemon that helps to cut through the grease.🍋 Though not the most affordable, but the food quality and refillable side dishes in the set makes up for it if you're feeling hungry!!😌

This tastes like a typical original flavour yogurt drink. It was nice, but I thought the yogurt was going to be purple rice flavoured - it’s just of original flavour with purple rice inside. Very filling drink, it is of a very thick consistency, I enjoyed the smooth texture.

Great for dessert if you’re still hungry after your meal and want something healthier, they have less sugar options too.

4⭐ Gathering with ex colleagues. Missed the flat bread, it's just so good with the roasted garlic. The twice cooked beef ribs is disappointing, well the rest makes up for it.
#Bedrock #MacNCheese #LobsterBearnaiseBurger #IbericoPorkRibeye #TwiceCookedBeefRibs #Entertainersg #Entertainerappsg

Rebel chicken patties, chicken cha lua, chicken ham, pate, rebel sauce, mayo, tangy asian slaw & fresh coriander

Highly recommended to try the level 49 spiciness level. The lunch promo is really affordable and worth the money. Will definitely return to try the other items.

Not the most pleasant of photo, but what it lacks in look, it makes up for it in taste. This kimchi soup was chock full of ingredients and had my brother nodding in satisfaction. Flavourful and spicy, this hits all the right spot, especially on a rainy afternoon. I’d highly recommend all to try this hole in the wall place at Concorde!