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Japanese style Cafe with almost all green tea. We have ordered Matcha Hojicha Latte ice blended, Genmaicha blended, Matcha Azuki and Honey Earl Grey Halzenut. Is a strongly recommended cafe for those who are green tea lover.

Personally not into green tea products but the drinks are good. Matcha and Azuki matched very well plus a little green tea on it. Is a good experience.

Cafe has limited and different type of seats. You may find not all seats are comfortable.

Bought it on shopback with discount at $5.90. Took their twist and was hoping to try their red velvet. Neverthless, i was disappointed at the lack of flavour and it’s just colouring.

It has everything that the Signature Kaisen Don has with the exception of additional slices of raw scallop. I found the scallops to be fresh and quite sweet. Taste wise, the scallops rather decent for the price you’re paying for.

They specialise in kaisendon (seafood bowl) which means raw seafood topped on rice in Japanese. The affordable price point is a plus when you want to satisfy your Japanese cravings on a work day.

You’ll get a wide array fresh seafood that’s chopped into cubes. It’s then marinated with a mildly flavoured signature sauce with spring onions that doesn’t mask the taste of the seafood itself.

So what’s inside - salmon, tuna, meikajiki, abalone slice, scallop, amaebi (sweet prawn), octopus, ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe). It’s then topped with colourful chukka wakame (seasoned seaweed salad) which adds a greenish hue to the presentation. I like how they are generous with the ikura.

Thank you Kei Kaisendon for hosting!


Wanted to give this a try because of the Burpple set, but the price difference wasn’t really worth it! The kaisendon was decent, but staff looked quite hassled though there were only a few customers.

The perfect meldy of flavours of the rich savoury broth, chashu and Hakata style ramen noodles. Ippudo always manages to maintain their high standards or ramen througout all their franchises. Tip: order noodles with hard texture as it will continuously cook in the hot broth.

Iberico pork uses black iberian pig, which is known for their distinctive flavour and marbling.
First look, the meat were well grilled and upon taking the first bite, the meat with its smoky aroma was well balanced with the char siew sauce that was slightly sweet yet not overpowering.
The pork goes through a sous vide cooking process before being grilled. This method allows meat to retain most of its moisture, keeping it super succulent and juicy.
For a food court, this has surpassed.

Feast on an assortment of sushi prepared by the skilled Sushi Chefs behind the counter. The lunch set included sujiko (Salmon Roe with the egg sack) which I enjoyed and I find to be uncommon in Japanese restaurants in Singapore.