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Ordered red ramen and it was really nice! Heard that we should try the seafood king ramen but we went ahead to try red ramen anyway! The gyoza was mini versions and Soo light and nice!

Tried the signature soup variation for the first time with chinese ramen and it was mindblowing awesome! Expect thick and consistent prawn broth with seafood and umami sweetness. The ingredients are generously portioned with a plethora of shrimps, shrimp dumplings and prawncakes. A must try at le shrimp.

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With a much higher price tag compared to other hawker stalls, I think the amount is paid off!
The toppings were all damn great, I HATE supper fatty pork but their chashu had great meat-fat ratio. The onsen egg was perfect as it appears, and their Wantans are VERY GOOD! Fully loaded, taste nice, cover in very nice and thin wantan skin too.
Also super love that prawn covered in some curled crispy potato.
Overall VERY SATISFIED with the amount paid and would absolutely love to have it again!


No sushi at Chef Atsushi’s Ha-Oh Hototogisu, but Oh! the crab ramen is so unique and delish - haha! A bit salty, although that is alleviated by the lime slices.

No sushi at Chef Atsushi’s Ha-Oh Hototogisu, but Oh! the crab ramen is so unique and delish - haha! A bit salty, although that is alleviated by the lime slices.

Visited Ramen Nagi with a friend this week and really liked both the food, service and atmosphere. We tried the Black and Original King Ramen. Rich and thick broth, soft noodles and juicy meat. If you want to try something unique though, the Black King Ramen is a definite must-try. Very flavourful. We also tried the gyoza. Delicious. The free flow condiments was an added bonus.

The service staff were very polite, and the overall ambience was both cosy and lively. I also really liked the box under the chair that is used to store your bags and valuables. It‘s a thoughtful touch.

One sip of this thick broth, you can tell that this was painstakingly stewed for a long time. Love that the prawns and ribs were huge and fresh! Such a wonderful dinner

Feeling a little adventurous today and decided to go with the Green King, which came with a mountain of grated parmesan cheese seated atop green broth made up of fresh basil, which helps to cut back the taste of the cheese. While tasty, the dish was overall very rich and heavy, and I simply couldn’t finish it.⁣

♡ Sweet flavourful broth and chewy dumplings
☆ $13.90++

Original BUTAO King consists of a very rich tonkotsu broth which was almost creamy-esque, with every mouthful bursting with umami. Definitely a safe order for the non-adventurers! ⁣⁣⁣