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best part about this would be the free flow beansprouts and eggs! gyoza was good too. got the spicy thick lobster broth but would prefer sticking to the OG. very tasty first spoonfuls but probably the kind of thing you’ll eat once every few months as it can be quite β€˜jelak’. nevertheless affordable and recommended! 🀩 great for the night owls

The ramen noodles here is pretty good - it’s slightly thinner than usual, with a nice bite to it. The broth is rich but not jelat, and the chashu was tender + not too fatty, which I like.

The ginger pork rice was simple but nice too, with well-seasoned pork belly slices, plump Japanese short-grain rice and garlic bits + spring onion.

This place also has free-flow beansprouts which my friend loves, so a plus point for that!

πŸ’΅: $13.90++

πŸ€”: Am not a fan of minced pork so this wasn't my FAVOURITE but i would say that the flavours were pretty pronounced though it looked seemingly milk/plain

The black ramen is told to be more of a peppery taste when it comes to spiciness, rather than the red ramen which is just spicy. β€˜Special’ toppings cost $4, with flavoured egg, pork belly and seaweed which makes it Super worth it for big eaters. However, it was too much for an average eater like me so make sure you order in moderation! Soup was flavourful with a nice tinge of peppery taste, but like the red spicy ramen the soup taste would become overwhelmingly salty over time.

The gyoza here deserved a special mention. Definitely different from other gyozas out there. So small and crispy! The sweet radish sauce/condiment was also really good.

First time here, and this may be one of the better ramens in Singapore. Or maybe I haven’t had proper ramen straight out of the kitchen and to my table in a while! What I love is that you can also customise almost every aspect of your ramen like the spice, garlic, vegetable, noodles and flavour.

I like my broth thick and heavy, so I went for heavy for most of what I could choose. It resulted in a very solid ramen, with a lot of spring onions and black fungus. Level 2 spice definitely lended a subtle heat to the ramen. Noodles wise, I expected to be a bit firmer since I chose hard as an option. I also added an egg, but sadly it wasn’t as runny as I wanted it to be.

Would return to try their other flavours like squid ink+garlic and basil!

πŸ’΅: $17.30++

πŸ€”: The noodles were as chewy as I remember, and this bowl would satisfy someone who love something creamy and cheesy, though it was definitely on the saltier side.

Portion was quite big considering it’s the small bowl! Soup was really rich in flavor and salty. Sadly it contained msg as we felt really thirsty after. Nonetheless, good service and decent food.

Throwback ~ The ramen is affordable and service is good enough for me. The soup was tasty (some may find it salty), but I am OK

BEST MAZE SOBA IN MY LIFE. Nothing compares to this. NOTHING! I instantly look forward to have this again after finishing my bowl.

You can upsize your ramen for free and do ask for a serving of rice towards the end to eat with the remaining zhup.

Thank you for feeding us! We are so happy to hear that our favourite ramen, π‘―π’π’Œπ’Œπ’‚π’Šπ’…π’ π‘Ήπ’‚π’Žπ’†π’ π‘Ίπ’‚π’π’•π’π’–π’Œπ’‚ has just launched their latest - Home Made Ramen Kit! β €
β €
2 types of meat to choose from:β €
πŸ₯© Original Ramen $14β €
πŸ₯© Toroniku Ramen $23β €
β €
4 types of broth to suit everyone’s preferences:β €
🍜 Shio - Signature β €
🍜 Shoyuβ €
🍜 Misoβ €
🍜 Kara Miso - Popular Choiceβ €
β €
The home kit ramen has everything in it, exactly like what you had in their restaurant. It has to be consumed within 7 days from production date(date of purchase) and the entire kit need to kept in the freezer, except the green onion in the chiller. Simple cooking steps were also included in the kit and the process were fuss free! All the ingredients were packed neatly and individually. β €
β €
We followed their simple steps, cooking timing and it turn out pretty good! The noodle texture were just nice and broth were so flavourful and fragrant! It tasted almost like enjoying the bowl of ramen in their restaurant, it’s so impressive how can a home kit ramen taste so goood! It’s so convenient too and we would totally recommend this home kit ramen especially if you still not comfortable dining in yet, or doesn’t prefer takeaway! Get your hands on them now and be a Ramen Chef whipping up your own ramen at home. β €
β €
β €
The home made ramen kit is available at β €
🏍 Deliveroo, FoodPanda, GrabFoodβ €
πŸ“Santouka City Square Mall, unit B2 DONKI Foodcourtβ €
πŸ“Santouka Central Clarke Quay, unit 02-76β €
β €
β €
β €
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