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Ajisen Ramen has introduced their new concept at their outlet in AMK Hub, Ajisen Tanjiro offering authentic kebab ramen together with Ajisen Ramen’s usual menu.

The kebab ramen use kebab meat shavings straight from doner kebab, with their signature tonkotsu broth. I would say the portion of the kebab pieces is sufficient for me.

The spicy version can be very spicy, but their also served it in non-spicy version as well as the dry version.

Go for the set that comes with pieces of gyoza and tea.


All Meat Marvel items are served with house-special thick noodles for a hearty ramen meal.

Feature :
💕Mega Meat Champon Ramen.
Thick springy noodle served in kelp and vegetable infused tonkotsu broth, topped with generous meat such as truffle pork, pork floss, homemade chashu,Sakura ebi and ramen egg.
Diners can choose spicy or non spicy ( chilli served separately , so diners can add according to preference)

💕Mega Double Meat Abura Soba
Thick springy Dry noodle tossed in-house special sauce, topped with roast beef, truffle pork, pork floss,Sakura ebi and ramen egg.

📍Ramen Kiou
 NEX, Jurong Point and Great World.

Tender and nicely flavoured roasted pork cheek. Used to frequent the branch at Cuppage Plaza that was closed.

Ramen not as tasty as what I can remember but overall acceptable.

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i got the ICHI-BEEF RAMEN LUNCH SET ($16.50) which came with 2pc chicken karaage & green tea. karaage was mid but the ramen!!! so good omg the shoyu broth was so flavourful & really absorbed the beefy essence! my dining companion got the ORIGINAL ICHIKOKUDO RAMEN LUNCH SET ($12.90) which was basicaly the same except the beef was replaced with chashu

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We ordered the Shoyu Ramen set that came with Gyoza, and upgraded our hard-boiled eggs to ramen eggs, ocha and sake Ice Cream.

Ramen - noodle springy but portion on smaller side but enough for ladies. Soup broth is robust with a good wok-Hei injection. We like that!

Gyoza and Ramen eggs - average but good enough.

Sake Ice Cream - vanilla ice cream laced with sake. I love how the sweetness from the ice cream has the tinge of sake on it.

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From Menzo Butao
Yummy bowl of tonkotsu pork chop ramen.
Not bad indeed


Bought a Chope 1-for-1 voucher ($28.96) and chose the Trio Salmon Chiraishi Don (UP $28) and Garlic Prawn Pasta (UP $24).

Salmon Chiraishi Don had quite a number of salmon slices (both normal and aburi), a spoonful of ikura, tamago on a stick, as well as crispy salmon skin with mayo and ebiko on top - but ultimately this tasted just average. Aburi salmon was a disappointment as it was more 'half-cooked' than seared. Salmon slices were thick but wasn't fresh. Tamago wasn't freshly made too.

Garlic prawn pasta tasted really plain and could use alot more garlic bits and more spice, but the big and crunchy prawns alleviated the meh-ness slightly.

Also had a half pint of Yuzu Frozen Beer ($15), which was just regular beer flavoured with yuzu jam (it settles at the bottom so use a straw to stir every now and then) and the slush on top does taste like beer but in a bad way.

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Surprisingly, chilli crab sauce goes well with ramen. Interesting, can try.

There's also a free top up noodle and it's comes with tonkotsu soup broth, so u will have a side of Original Tonkotsu Ramen, for Free.

Set meals comes with a drink and 2 Ebi Tempura.

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The Original Tonkotsu Ramen comes with 2 slices of Chasu.

Cheap and Affordable. Good ramen to have if u craving for ramen at one north.

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