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Top 10 places for Ramen

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Followed with the success of 13 outlets under the lead by Mr Keisuke Takeda, this new 14th restaurant marks the very first outlet that offers Champon ramen in Singapore. This dish usually comes with an ample of basic ingredients that include mixed vegetables, seafood, pork, clams, fish cake, prawn and squid.

There鈥檚 no doubt the silk-like creamy thick pork and chicken based broth was great and satisfying. However, I feel that @ramen_keisuke can be more generous with the amount of seafood and meat ingredients.

P.S. I was expecting more than just 1 Lala clam 馃檪.
Rating: 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍

Being a lover of crustaceans, me rushing to try this new Michelin awarded ramen, renowned to have harmonising flavours from the clams and pork bones used in producing its broth.
True enough, the broth was not as creamy and rich as the usual tonkatsu broth. However it was really light and aromatic (from the truffle oil, porcini flakes and bacon bits), hence making it challenging to stop slurping it. For me, the tonkatsu broth in my bowl is usually left at the half way mark as I often find it too jelat to finish. But, it's definitely not the case for this broth.
Enjoyed the clam rice appetizer too, where most of the flavour came from the Hamaguri clam, rather than the bland rice. The sous vide char siu was really soft and tender but I preferred the thick belly char siu for the aroma from its caramelised fat:)


There鈥檚 currently a zaobao promotion / set at $18, which includes a bowl of ramen, half an egg, extra two pieces of char shu, and a clam appetizer. Broth was light and refreshing. Sous vide char shu was disappointing as it was thinly sliced and tasted extremely normal. There are better options at the same price point so I guess I won鈥檛 come back again.

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sigh the things you would do to satisfy a ramen craving (esp craving for thick hot broth) 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 #burpple #ramen

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The mentaiko is flavourful, but does not overpower the rest of the ingredients. I like 鉂

Thank you @kwleong for inviting and @hokkaidoyasg @sixthsensepr for hosting! 馃檹
1 Habourfront Walk, 02-152
Singapore 098585

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A seemingly basic bowl of ramen, the light tasting broth slowly grows on you with each spoonful, leaving you savouring every last drop of it w/o the jelat feel. 馃崪

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With fully customisable option, diners can opt for the doneness of their ramen noodles! Featured here is the Regular bowl, luxe off by 3 Nori sheets, 2 Slices of Char siew, Spinach and one Lava Ajitama.
馃摳 @whatjeanneats
Tasting Hosted by @machidashotensingapore and @brandcellar
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A great kaarage is always fragrantly crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and light on the batter. This one was crispy, but didn鈥檛 have much flavour so I鈥檓 guessing that they didn鈥檛 marinate it sufficiently...

This is the original Butao King, and I do love it. The broth was warm, satisfying, and not ultra-salty. You can see I opted for the pork belly, which is really more a slab of solid meat with just a little more fat. There鈥檚 none of that crazy thick layer of fat, but I like it that way.
Good place, and surprisingly affordable at $13.90++.