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Shoyu Ramen comes with two slices of extremely tender pork loin and some bamboo shoots. Promotion going on now comes with a free egg for $13.50 nett.

The noodles is thin and curly with a bite to it. Soup is tasty and not too oily. Overall a yummy bowl of ramen at a reasonable price tag 👍

This is prolly the best oyako don I’ve ever tasted!! The portion was rly big as well. Egg was cooked perfectly and the chicken chunks were rly tasty and tender.

Bubz wasn’t a big fan of the ramen noodles as it was too soggy but the broth was not bad.

Service was aight. Fuss free dining spot for a quick bite!

Finally a ramen restaurant in Singapore that provided private dining table corner, in case you prefer to have some me time here.

Came during the dinner time and the place was very quiet with only a few diners inside.

I got the signature ramen topped with parmesan and cheddar, pitting even richer flavour to the soup.

For $15, you can get the set comes with a side dish and drink.

Big and fresh prawns with Chinese ramen in a shrimp broth. The pork rib was a little tough though

Al dente ramen in mala like sauce. Nice!
Only grouse was dry noodles should come with a small bowl of soup and not having to pay for one.

Chinese ramen, with my smoky taste shrimp broth. Highly recommended by my wife to end my month long ramen craving.

The shrimp ball and shrimp dumpling were damn good. Overall 8/10


Love Mochi? 😍😍
Matcha Warabi Mochi ~ $4.00
| Brown Sugar Sauce |
One Phrase "it melt in the mouth & gone in secs" 🤣🤣
Have a great weekend ahead #tgif
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A perfect bowl of noodles! I was skeptical of a S$9 bowl of noodles from a hawker stall, but man they didn’t disappoint! Each ingredient is soooo good and I was very satisfied! Worth the mini splurge compared to your traditional hawker prices.

Walked past so ramen countless times but never had the chance to try .

Pretty impressed with the rich and tasty broth and tender pork cheeks. I like how customers are given different types of ramen noodles to choose from . I love these straighter and more chewy kind of noodles instead of the standard yellow curly noodles which typically have a strong alkaline taste.

Service was extremely friendly and prices are fairly reasonable.

Worth a re-visit .

Raw egg , Caramelised onions , tender pork slices and a special homemade sauce .

All sizzling within a hot stone pot.

Extremely satisfying .

This is the first time i tried ramen that you can customise right down the the noodle hardness, amount of garlic and etc! :-)) the food was quite interesting and flavourful and good came really fast! (Around 5-10min) worth a try!