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Top 10 Places for Ramen

Top 10 places for Ramen

Latest Reviews for Ramen

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Ramen

Very unique offering from Keisuke's line up of restaurants. Warning to those who are sensitive to meaty/gamey flavours - you might not last through the bowl. Brought my family to try this and funnily, the comment from their first spoon of the broth was "wow! this is".

But for those who love duck and ramen (and Keisuke), you gonna love this.

Can't compare this with Tonkotsu King or Tori King. The gap in standard is apparent. I guess the soup just isn't a well prepared and boiled as long as the king鈥檚. Nevertheless, still a decent ramen - comparable to Uma Uma, etc. Tonkotsu/Tori King is just on a different level.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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My first visit to Ramen Nagi & love the food there! Love how you can customize your ramen to your liking. :)
Tried the Original Butao King & personally liked it.
The tonkotsu pork broth is rich, flavorful & not salty.
Absolutely love the pork shoulder cha shu slices, very well marinated and personally find it quite tender.
Definitely worth a visit !

I feel blessed!! 馃槍鉂わ笍馃崪 The broth is so addictive. The charsiew and lettuce were so tender and soft they fell apart in my bowl of noods I had to fish them out hahaha rly rly enjoyed every last bit of it!!!!鉁

Got the small bowl and I was really impressed with it! Every ingredient was fresh tasty, and I particular love the potato-wrapped prawn, egg and wanton! Worth the queue and defo worth trying at least once! Plus you're supporting local food and creative innovations too!

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Loving that amount of spring onions. Give it a good stir with that chewing minced pork, chilly and seaweeds - just soooo good! I had the regular size, great generous portion. Thanks to Burpple Beyond I get to enjoy this馃構馃構馃構 will come back again!


Haven鈥檛 been to Menya in quite a while. I used to always go for their tsukemen but decided on something different - Tom Yum broth with thick ramen noodles and cha shu. It was not bad! The broth was tangy with a mild heat and it鈥檚 quite value for money for its size. There were bamboo shoots, chopped black fungus, half an ajitama, nori and two slices of cha shu. The ramen noodles were just a touch softer than I would鈥檝e liked but didn鈥檛 turn too soft throughout the meal.


this is the best tsukemen i had so far.. the soup/broth is so umami.. and will definitely come back again...

There were several options to customise our dish, which is good, but i selected chef鈥檚 recommendations in the end. :b I ordered the Red King with an additional 1 spicy level (red king is considered spicy level 5 before any additional selections). It is less spicy than i expected, the broth was quite refreshing and the noodle (as i鈥檝e selected soft) was to my liking.

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