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Not sure how many restaurants in 🇸🇬 do this, but I realised this is/was happening at @tsukadanojosg_bijinnabe. Note that this photo was taken on 4th August 2020 at @westgatesg outlet, and I’m not too sure if they are still selling this now😂.

For those who don’t know what Meltique Beef is, here’s what I got from the official website: meltiquebeef.com.au
👉Established in 1984 by Hokubee Co. Ltd in 🇯🇵
👉Inspired by traditional French culinary method “Pique” which introduces fats into red meat to enhance flavour and tenderness
👉Offers consistent tenderness and a high standard of food safety, ensured and achieved by their own patented food-processing technology and their strict quality assurance system
‼️Differs from products such as Wagyu or grain-fed beef as they achieve intramuscular fat marbling through specific genetics and grain feeding programs

Hope you learnt something today😉

OK, I exaggerated. But their tsukemen was really that good! Being not much of a fan of ramen much less tsukemen, the flavorful, savoury broth with chunks of meat and veggies took me by surprise. Ramen was springy and soaks up the broth quickly with each dip. Save some broth to top up for the killer soup at the end, you wont regret it.

Lovely broth with many layers of taste. First the Umami sweetness, followed by the sweetness from the vegetables. Very light and comforting, addictive ebiko prawn paste and must try the prawn dumplings.

Ramen cooked to perfect al dente.

Great disappointment. The $9.90 for 2 crab croquettes were served frozen without any apology. Then it too over 30 mins for it to be served and this was after we finished our meal and asked how much further it is. Very unjapanese. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Similar to the signature Tonkotsu Ramen except that this flaming hot Tonkotsu ramen was served in a fiery broth made of locally blend of chili and spice. I could actually see chili flakes in the broth that reminded me of the red cut chili, although the spiciness was already as good as that of chili paid. Definitely not for the faint-hearted like me, as the heat rushes up immediately. 🥵 Both ramens were served with crunchy black fungus, seaweed and spring onion. Btw, Kanshoku means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese. Surely, I did!

The chilly weather lately calls for the need of a bowl of belly warming ramen! While @kanshokuramen is known for their truffle ramen, I decided to give their signature Tonkotsu ramen a try as I was craving for a classic ramen. You get to choose your preferred ramen texture and add-ons such as the Ramen egg. All it took was the smooth milky Tonkotsu broth, that was boiled over 8 hours without added MSG, to satiate my craving. The saltiness was just right with a hint of roasted nuttiness from the white sesame seeds. Might go for the soft ramen texture in future as the normal was still a little hard for me. What was peculiar, on the other hand, were the Charshu slices that tasted sweet. I’d prefer my meat to be savory. Other than that, you can tell how tender it is as it started falling apart once picked up and notice that fat pull. 😂

Up to 5-6 years ago, it was impossible to find good ramen in London. So when Kanada-Ya opened with little to no PR, I had very low expectations. But good god I was proven wrong. The broth was creamy and full of flavor and the combination of a well-seasoned hanjuku egg, noodles done well and a myriad of other delicious ingredients made this THE bowl of ramen to have. Now London’s chock-a-block with ramen shops, some of them more decent than the rest. And I’m glad that Kanada-Ya has made its way to Singapore, providing me with all that goodness 👆🏼, and a heck lot of nostalgia in a simple bowl of ramen :)

I think this place serves the cheapest ramen in SG, and they don’t discount on quality!!! Loved their soup and they use wantonmee-like thin noodles which goes really well 😍 would not recommend ordering the spicy soup base, stick with the original cuz it’s the BOMB!!

Loved their light soup base. Get the normal one if you prefer a stronger, heavier and milkier flavour. Pork broth is amazing and so are their noodles and chashu. Japanese ramen places never disappoint with their free eggs and beansprouts.


A great place to bring your Muslim friends to! 😊Noodles, eggs, “chashu” and the other sides like black fungus etc. were all very delicious, although the soup felt a bit like chicken maggie mee stock after awhile haha. Still pretty decent and worthwhile!

Clean finish of pandan. As an avid pandan lover, this ranks as one of the best cocktails I have had. EVER. 😍