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Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings ❤️ #smittenglutton (Direct link on my Instagram bio, or simply click on the Recipes tab on my site. Enjoy!)

New blog post up! Have you tried Qi Ji's popular popiah? :)

Good morning! Yesterday, @joshua_ng and I visited Tonkichi, a lovely Japanese restaurant specializing in Tonkatsu. Read more on the blog! ☝

Chinatown eats - claypot frog porridge & amazing Tong Heng egg tarts! On the blog now! 😊

Finally down to blogging again! This time, it was about the whimsical, intimate Raindrops Café, which is tucked away in a corner of busy Orchard Road. Give it a read and let me know what you think! 💋 #smittenglutton #blog

[Review]: Who says we can only have dim sum in the morning? Find out where my to-go place is for an affordable late-night dim sum fix! On the blog now! 😄 #smittenglutton #blog #liushaporn