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Three's A Crowd:
Nutella waffle with Baked Apple & Roasted Pistachio($18.50) - Legit ice cream. More gelato kind. Smooth. Ice cream flavors are on the light side, the flavor ain't obviously distinct unless taking big scoops of them. Baked Apple had apple bits inside. But still, the texture isn't like the cheap kind. Ice cream scoop is big also. But they go well with th waffle with cereal. Nutella waffle with cereal is good combo as the firmness of waffle is replaced with crunchiness of cereal. Waffle is a tad too airy tho.. For a good dessert,this is not bad. Sweet overall.

Playing anime songs as background music,not bad I say. Eg Go by Flow. Quite small and chill place.
1)Ninja Lord($19.90) - 7.5/10 Shrimp tastes fresh. Salmon is cold and fatty. Tobiko are burstful and salty.
2)Kabayaki Unagi Don($15.90) - 7.25/10 Tango is sweet and flavorful. Rice can be cooked longer. Scallops are clean. Cucumbers are fresh and crunchy, jap cucumbers. Unagi is pleasant, better than some places. All in one mouth is really an experience.

“Where did the weekends go to?”.... it must be all the delicious food I had over good conversations.

First it started with the reliable cheese quesadillas from Vatos Urban Tacos to kick off Friday. Nothing like this chain fusion Mexican joint that always serves up tasty and filling tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and even fajitas. With Burpplebeyond savings it gave us another reason to indulge in drinks too.

Then another bout of Latin American cuisine on Saturday evening. When I gladly found out that one of my favourite places in Jewel has reopened and is back on Burpplebeyond.

Sunday lunch at TungLok got us exciting to give their dimsum a chance, away from our usual go to: imperial treasure but sadly this was the only miss out of the 3 consecutive days of Burpplebeyond redemptions. Blame the picky palate so attune to the named competitor’s dim sum, i was reeled by (too much) egg in the Malaya steamed cake with an absence of brown sugar fragrance. Then the vegetarian crystal dumplings looked good but wasn’t crystal smooth tasting. Lastly our egg tarts were run out of the mill decent.

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Available till 3 March
1 for ($2.30)
Biscuit glazed with pineapple jam

Available till 3 March
Coated with a special Hae Bee Hiam recipe made with dried shrimps, that are fried till fragrant with belacan, shallots and other spices, and orange breadcrumbs
Part of a 2-Piece Hae Bee Hiam Chicken Set ($10.60)

From Hanis
Beef Super Burger.
Quick & simple.

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Unami pasta too spicy for us (cos we can’t eat spicy). Cod fish not bad. Wagyu burger and Seabass not salted enough. Free truffle fries from manager! Staff here are very friendly!

From Three’s A Crowd
Blissful having the single scoop in cup.

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I did not realise that cappuccino with oat milk could taste that good.
Thank you Burpplebeyond for a worth it coffee and matcha latte treat.

This is what one will call a hidden spot, as this Chinese zichar restaurant is located on the 6th floor of an industrial building; probably a place where people won't think of coming of having good food. The zichar dishes are decent and not too expensive, but what that impressed me was their fish head steamboat ($35/45/55). We had the small one with red grouper, and it came with generous amount of fish meat that extremely fresh and meaty. This probably explains why the soup is so naturally flavourful and addictive! Will be back definitely 😊

Ordered the Homemade Waffle ($5) with a double scoop of Banana Walnut and Yubari Rock Melon ($9) but was disappointed with it. Firstly, the waffle was dry and had a hard texture but the saddest part was both the gelato. The former had minimal walnut bits in it that you will not even notice it is there and it had a very weak banana flavour, almost just taste of a milk gelato instead of banana walnut. The Yubari Rock Melon just tasted sweet, very much lacking the rock melon aroma or flavour.
✨ Emi’s Waffle & Gelato
📍 825 Tampines Street 81, Unit 01-46, Singapore 520825
🍴 [Self Funded]

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