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Featuring Lady M (Marina Square), Hot Pans, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Tai-Parfait (Bugis Junction), Grin Affair (Everton Park), Coolplay Soft Serve, Bonheur Patisserie (PasarBella @The Grandstand), Everything With Fries (Bugis Junction), Momolato
Zhihui Lim
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Out and about, what I wouldn’t give to have this right now 🔥🔥 This is the regular size and the portion is huuuuge! With graham crackers for a little crunch and a drizzle of strawberry, the mildly cheesy soft serve was smooth and what I really liked is how it wasn’t too sweet overall.

Haven’t been here in a bit, happy to see that there’s a new flavour, and my all-time favourite at that (ok, I have many favorites).

As usual, the gelatos are consistently smooth and creamy. Earl Grey with Lemongrass was very refreshing and well-balanced while Pistachio (additional $1) was delightful but slightly on the sweeter side.

Same ol’. Except it comes with blue instead of green spoon, also with the option of strawberry froyo, service could be better and they should probably separate the durian cos mine had hints of it. I like durian but not here🤷🏻‍♀️

Posting immediately for the free ice cream as their opening promotion🙃 Ice creams here are organic, from Denmark and a little pricey but quite like the white chocolate rose! Very smooth and not too sweet with subtle rose flavour that isn’t too perfumy.

At $17.80, my wallet says no but my heart says yes and well glad I got to try it with the #burpple tastemakers after our eat up.

Basically, layers of fruits/ slushie/ cream forms this very instagram worthy Sweet BonBon at Café de Paris (which is equally instagramable) , lovingly created upon order. Definitely good for sharing! The flavoured slushie - scooped out from a box (quite a pity it wasn’t freshly made) - was surprisingly not as sweet as I’d have thought and the cream was pretty light.

I’d think the price is because of the quality and sheer amount of fruits but I personally don’t think this is something I’d come back for at this price point. Maybe an occasionally splurge..?

Picked this so I can try everything in one - slightly pricey for a relatively small portion but you get to try a teeny slice of cheesecake and the biscuit!

Personally love the biscuits so kinda glad they’re finally here, just slightly more expensive than prices in Japan if I’m not wrong. Got the twist so I could try both milk and cheese - definitely velvety smooth and rich but flavour-wise was pretty mild with a light hint of saltiness. Will probably just get the cheese one next time with the vintage cheddar cheese cone!
Only gripe overall was that the cheesecake was inconsistently fluffy AND a tad frozen. Nonetheless, will definitely come back again.

Got two flavours piccolo ($5.90, +$0.50 for premium flavours). Rich and smooth, the pistachio was an absolute delight with its distinct nuttiness though it got a little sweet towards the end when we ran out of lemon basil - a super refreshing option with a slight tanginess, thought it went pretty well with the pistachio.

They’re having a buy 2 free 1 promo so it’s a good time to try!

Coconut meringue, hazelnut soil and mango sorbet. I adore the fragrant flavour of coconut and textured bits but meringue, as always, is sweet, so the tangy mango sorbet and passion fruit coulis was a great pairing. I do wish there were a little more of the refreshing sorbet tho.

Layers of black sesame roulade sponge alternating light black sesame crème diplomat topped with sesame almond streusel for a nice crunch to an otherwise soft and moist cake. Loved the textures, but a pity there wasn’t much of that nutty aroma that I was expecting and the folks felt that it was a tad too sweet. Finally got to try this but I’m a little disappointed. Yuzu raspberry forever🙌🏼

Horlick cheesecake, orange gel and passionfruit mousse; with more Horlick crumble instead of the usual graham crackers!

Loved how the textures came beautifully together, with a good balance of slight tangyness without being overly sweet; my only gripe would be the lack of distinct malty Horlick flavours.

My favourite soft serve from Tsujirihei Honten which I look forward to every year is baaaaaack 🙌🏼 Wanted to get the hojicha one but apparently it's only sold on weekends so I'll be back. But well I'll be back anyway to get more softserve fix before the fair ends!

They offered a combination with Yamari jelly towards the end of the fair last year so I decided to get it - but this time at $7+$7. But it was as good as I remembered. Soft tea jelly, sweet azuki and the best, rich, very well balanced bittersweet uji Matcha; which probably needs no introduction. If you haven't tried the soft serve, you really should! You can also opt to get it with cone but the chiffon cake ($7) sounds like a more interesting option as it has matcha cream within, also topped with azuki!

Fried chicken craving led us here 😌 Tastes as good as it looks to me, particularly cos this is my favourite combination in a pop - Bandung Lychee!

I love the creativity behind Neh Neh Pop (and the occasional surprises that makes my once-in-awhile sad reminders of Cha Cha Pop a little better). Light, aromatic without an overpowering artificial perfumey taste, the Bandung ice cream was crisply coated with white chocolate, and little bits of lychee (tho I wish it was more prominent!). Prettily finished with dried rose petals 😍😍

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