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Must Try

Must Try

Featuring Strictly Pancakes, DON HO - Social Kitchen & Bar, Project Dingo, Nosh, De Burg (Alexandra), The Manhattan Fish Market (Plaza Singapura), Kraze Burgers (Marina Bay Sands), Ambush (Takashimaya), Starbucks (Raffles City), 7Kickstart Brewiches
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee

fruits, chestnut, honey ginger glaze

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Guinness pork sausage & cheddar meatball served with broccoli, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, furikake, onsen egg; $13.50.

Lamb shank cooked with biryani masala served with dhum biryani rice; $19;

Paneer burgee topped with mint, served with sweet & spicy chutney

Almost nine years after I first queued for Shake Shack at New York City’s Madison Square Park, it’s good to finally have an outlet here in Singapore!

To be fair, the bottleneck of the queue is the order-taking at the counters; once the orders are in, the food gets prepared quite quickly. I’m just glad the prices here in Singapore are almost the equivalent of the US prices, and not those of the UK or—more expensive still—Dubai!

Rye bread, Impossible Burger 2.0, caramelised onions, cheddar, dill pickles, special sauce

Yes, it’s impressively almost indistinguishable from real meat, and I would definitely be more than happy to eat Impossible Burger as a meat substitute on the regular once it’s widely available and more economical! 😋


Honeycomb beef tripe marinate in Aunty Nanny’s lemak coconut rempah drizzled with fresh squeezed calamansi juice

½ Roasted Chicken, ½ Roasted BBQ Ribs, Tempura Squid, Pork Bratwurst, Onion Rings, Skinny Cajun Fries, Corn Cob, Coleslaw, Mesclun Salad and Chicken Gravy

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A typical Leghorn’s delicacy; a zesty fish stew with Mussels, Cod Fish, Clams, Squid, Slipper Lobster, and Mediterranean herbs served with croutons.


Bryan Lee

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You can scrimp on anything—just not on food!

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