Worthy Calories

Worthy Calories

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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

90g of sweet lobster meat tucked between toasted buns, adulterated only by a light drizzle of crème fraîche (or mayonnaise if you prefer) and chives; truffle shoestring fries on the side 👌🏻 .


Everything about this bowl is scrumptious, from two types of fatty pork, to the oozy onsen egg, and right down to the base of tare-seasoned rice.

If I had to pick between the crispy-skinned roast pork and the caramelised char siew, I'd definitely choose the latter, which was falling apart in just the best way possible.


At $6 a pop ($5 if you get any two items from the @theuglyducklingsg stall), this is definitely one of the most worthwhile items at the Ramadan bazaars this year.

A neat wad of pulled duck nestles with lettuce leaves and melted cheddar between soft brioche buns – smack in the centre you'll find a dab of sweet caramelised pineapple. I thought the duck meat could be saltier, but it's all very tasty nonetheless and certainly bang for your buck.


I don't know where else you can get a whole waffle – pretty nicely done, too – with such a generous helping of fried chicken AND fries at just $4.50. This is insane.

An alluring sight for hungry souls – 12-hour slow-cooked pork belly glazed in an umami sauce, roasted and torched. That caramelisation on the juicy, fatty pork is just divine.


Fattening and sinful, but just the kind of thing I want to stuff my face with on stressful days. Good thing it's just across the road and a few doors down from my office.


If you love your steak, then give this beautiful wagyu ribeye a go. It's sous vide for even tenderness and a medium-rare cook throughout, then finished off in the pan for colour and a little caramelisation. I like how the beef was well-rested and not bleeding all over the plate, in which case, would regretfully its accompaniments.

These latter are designed to give varying flavours and textures to complement the beef, so there's not a moment where your taste buds are bored. There are broad, bright strokes of pea and corn purées, sweet red onion confit, tangy pickled carrot slaw, and a slender bolster of rich egg yolk "gel" – all lovely.


Now I see why these chips are so popular that they're sold out in Seoul. They're buttery like baked potatoes, yet honeyed like sweet popcorn at the same time.

Thank you lah, my fairy godfather *-* 👼🏻 .


Linguine and clams in a white wine sauce, some pretty epic sous vide then slow-roasted pork belly, and complimentary fried chicky wings because the roasted chicken that we originally ordered was sold out.

From the look of the darkened skin on the pork belly, I'd thought it was going to be tough and dry, but I was wrong. The crackling crunched in a very satisfying way between my teeth, and the fatty flesh beneath it was faultlessly juicy, unctuous and tender. Nevermind that the accompanying pickled pineapple and roasted spuds were rather lacklustre, the pork was the star of the show, and deservedly so.


Had to have my own because the boyfriend refused to share. Which worked out fine because it was YUM. That beef patty seasoned with a dash of curry powder, enveloped in a thin egg omelette and squished with BBQ sauce and mayo between soft buns. Om nom nom nom nom.



Yes, it's back, and I'm already a week late because I only heard the news yesterday. Not to worry, though, I'm catching up with my second banana pie in two days. This is why I'm fat.


Comforting myself this morose Tuesday with lots of comfort junk food. SPICY NUGGETS 😍😍😍 Whoopee!


Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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