Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

Homemade marshmallows in funky (but subtle) flavours, blow-torched upon order. Look at how gooey and melty they get!


The idea of this sounds brilliant – but as a hardcore Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut fan, the actual product didn’t quite deliver the shiok-ness I’d anticipated. Rather, I found it saccharine and could hardly taste the hazelnut spread under all that sugar.

And at $3.30 apiece, I reckon you could save a pretty penny buying the Original Glazed Doughnuts and slathering on your own Nutella. #samesamebutcheaper


Lush cheese mousse tinged with rose and topped with lychee bits crystallised in jelly – all on a crumbly biscuit base. Light and refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness, like the dreams I’m hoping I’ll have tonight.


Today's anniversary lunch at @fat_fuku to celebrate 16 years of @sixthsensepr ended on an ultra-sweet note with these delectable chocolate cookies; each perfectly crumbly bite enhanced with melty, fudgy chocolate chips and a hint of smoked Prosciutto salt.

World peace-inducing because they're so good, that if everyone around the globe had one of these to munch on at the same time, they'd would likely fall into unanimous silence for the few precious seconds it takes to appreciate these.


The most understated pastry that I sampled at @dear.nesuto turned out to be my very favourite. Crusty on its gently-ridged exterior with a fluffy and moist crumb within, the confection is flecked with lemon and lime zest so it's not cloying on the palate.

Perfect with a spot of tea!


When the sun is blazing like it is this afternoon, there's no better respite than ice cream. Mak Mak is sadly closing its doors at the end of next week, so go indulge in their ice cream rolls before then!


Perhaps it's because Bake was the very first encounter I'd had with a baked cheese tart, it's hard to find another whose impact measures up to that.

As objectively as I can say, though, this one from Tarta holds its own pretty well against the branded frontrunner's. The pastry is crumbly and buttery, not too hard nor dry, and boasts an even golden tan; the cream cheese mousse is well-balanced and rich without being cloying. I daresay this is one of the better cheese tarts out there.


Fridays have me dreaming of the impending weekend, and oh, it tastes pretty darn sweet.

Among all the desserts at PS Cafe, the sticky date pudding sitting placidly in a moat of decadent toffee sauce will always have my heart.


Dark chocolate ice cream rolls with torched marshmallow, caramel sauce and a smattering of biscuit crumbs. Cheers to everyone surviving hump day!


Mondays don't have to be blue. Not when you have ice cream. Not when you have your OWN ice cream, made to order, just the way you like it.

With @icecreamcookieco's brilliant new design-your-own service, gelato just got way more personal! At $79 for 4 pints, you get to assemble your own gelato from a variety of 12 base flavours and 12 mix-ins.

The coolest part is being able to design your own label – add your own text and pictures to turn your pints into birthday gifts, proposal gifts, anniversary gifts, baby shower gifts, breakup gifts (to comfort yourself with)... although, really, do you even need a reason to get yourself ice cream?!

Hop on over to www.icecreamcookie.co to start creating your own gelato, now!


Fried dough filled with orange-infused earl grey cream – what's not to like?

Sweet memories are made of these – a rich Nutella milkshake walled in by smears of Nutella and capped overhead by fluffy vanilla mousse, in which salt-embellished pretzels perch; accompanied by a sugar-dusted donut filled with orange Earl grey cream on the side.


Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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