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Thai Cuisine (Asian)

Thai Cuisine (Asian)

Featuring Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine, Jai Thai (Purvis Street), Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe, Tom Yum Kungfu (Boat Quay), Jane Thai Restaurant & Bar, New Udon Thai Food, MooJaa (Keong Saik Road), First Thai Food, The Platinum Fashion Mall (เดอะแพลทินัม แฟชั่นมอลล์), ส้มตำนัว (Som Tam Nua)
Alainlicious Eats
Alainlicious Eats

Rainy day weather calls for a belly warming dinner. Whether you fancy a steamy hotpot or the crowd pleasing Tom Yum Mookata, it's always great to share your meal with like-minded friends and love ones.


What sorcery is this? A Thai gem hidden in the quaint neighborhood at 115 Aljunied Avenue 2 (quite an offbeat location) but still accessible by public transport.

This casual heartland restaurant serve up authentic Thai dishes such as the BBQ Pork Neck, Garlic Fried Chicken, Papaya Salad, Tom Yum Clear Soup, Thai Style Otak (Hommok) served in a whole coconut, Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai sauce and the Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon is definitely a must try.

If you are looking for an affordable classic Thai cuisine with a laid-back atmosphere in the East of Singapore, Spicy Thai cafe will be a good choice for you.


We had the first dip for lunch at ThaiExpress where they introduced 4 new dishes to celebrate the annual Thai Songkran festival. Featuring the Thai-Style Papaya Salad, Salted Egg Calamari, and Songkran Chicken Wings. The other popular Songkran dish not featured here is the Stir-Fried Phuket Bee Hoon with Tiger Prawns.

Stand a chance to win a luxurious trip for two to Thailand (lucky draw on 1st April) with a minimum spend of $50 and bring home a free mini water pistol. The Songkran menu is available till 19th April 2015.


On a Thai dessert photo streak, Mango sticky rice from dinner last week at Sawadee Thai Cuisine. The glutinous rice and mango stood out with its sweetness, you can have it on its own without the coconut milk. Kudos to the kitchen team for the lovely dessert presentation.

Touted as the king of curry, Massaman Curry was ranked #1 Best foods in the world by CNN. This is Thai Express take on Massamam curry in both chunky beef and juicy chicken renditions.

The combination of flavours of the Massamam curry dish is spicy, coconutty, sweet and savory, and has more Indian personality than a Thai election. If you love roti prata with Thai-Indian style curry, you will definitely enjoy this dish.


Phad Thai is like a national dish of Thailand, it probably is. The Phad Thai Goong Sod (Thai Style Fried Rice Noodle with Prawns $12.90) here is simply a traditional rendition of the delightful Thai dish, which is also one of favourite dish to date.


A bright and colourful mix of vegetables makes this dish beautiful as well as savoury. This is Nor Mai Farang Phad Touhu (Stir Fried Mini Asparagus with Egg Beancurd and Mushrooms $12.90), a good option for the healthy green lovers.


Gai Phad Bai Kra Prow (Stir Fried Minced Chicken or Pork with Basil Leaves $11.90) is one of the meat dishes that are executed well at ParaThai. I certainly enjoyed this dish except that the spiciness was a little overwhelming for me.


ParaThai offers a good selection of seafood dishes, featuring key items such as sea bass, squid and soft-shell crab. A noteworthy dish would be the Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma Nao (Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli $29.90), where the whole fish is steamed to perfect succulence with a special homemade broth including fresh lime juice, garlic, chilli and spring onions.


It is uncommon to find roast duck thai curry in Thailand, as they are mostly served in high-end restaurants. The chefs at ParaThai have reinvented the Thai Red Curry with Chinese influences by adding tender slices of roast duck, pineapple cubes and grapes into the aromatic curry broth that has been concocted with more than 15 types of herbs and spices. The Geang Phed Ped Yang (Roast Duck in Red Curry with Pineapple $14.90) is one of the popular and unique fusion and popular dishes at ParaThai.


An interesting presentation of the Thai style Otak-Otak or known as Hor Moh Pla ($10.90) in Thai features a spicy souffle of seafood and coconut milk served in a cup. (Actual serving comes in 4 portions)


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