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Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

Visited the newly opened dim sum and roasts restaurant, @guandynasty last week and was treated to this gorgeous roast duck. Though the meat could be a tad juicier, it was perfectly tender – and that skin! The fat beneath had been rendered so all that was left on top were super-thin, crispy shards of glossy brown skin that crackled under every bite. Major love.

From 8-13 May, as a grand opening special, Guan Dynasty will be offering every dine-in customer a free dessert of the day – no minimum spend required! A place to consider celebrating Mother’s Day at this weekend, perhaps? 🤗


Cutest preview of new dim sum restaurant, @guandynasty. Thr coconut tart and chicken & cheese tart were the best because of their thin, crispy pastry shells. Can’t wait to try more soon.


Possibly the best dumplings I’ve had in Singapore, with soft, thin, silky skins swathed around nuggets of finely minced pork. Doused in vinegar and chilli oil, topped off with dollops of Sichuan chilli paste, you’d expect a blast of sharp, piquant flavour, but the reality is hardly that. Rather, the sauce is surprisingly light and mildly spicy, with just a slight tang such that it complements instead of overpowering the taste of the meat itself.

A set of 10 of dumplings costs only $4.50. You’ll find the stall located in the middle row of Alexandra Village Food Centre.

I’m definitely willing to go back and brave the (well-deserved) queue to try their xiao long bao and guo tie!


The best 辣子鸡 ever, no joke. Double-fried so they’re crispy yet juicy, the chicken chunks with cashew nuts are seasoned with the PERFECT balance of 麻 and 辣. Crazy addictive.


Forget pretentious restaurants and food fads for a minute. The real deal is at this China restaurant that @ccher introduced me to a few years back. Cheap and good food in huge portions – tell me, where else can you get this?

The dishes listed above are all must-orders, as well as the tomato eggs!


Still my go-to for a taste of Hong Kong in Singapore. That steamed carrot cake with a side of homemade XO sauce can never be left off the order!


That battered prawn was quite a mouthful, but I wish there'd been more salted egg sauce to match its size. And that kung pao chicken number did really nothing but make me long even more for Hong Kong Little Bao's Sichuan chicken bao "burger", which I've been missing since I had it a year ago. 😩


Found the food here to be generally underwhelming, but what wasn't bad were these cubes of soft radish cake encrusted in caramelised XO sauce.

Few things make me happier than a table full of food, in the company of good friends.


Shredded by hand to retain its tender bite, and tossed with sesame oil for that extra-alluring fragrance.


That sweet, blackened char siew and crispy little wontons on a nest of springy noodles and minced pork – one of my favourites here!

Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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