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🚈SG's Street Michelin⭐

🚈SG's Street Michelin⭐

Featuring Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre, Chao Shan Cuisine, Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh (Jalan Kayu), Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice (Balestier), Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice (Maxwell Food Centre), Thohirah Restaurant (Jalan Kayu), SK205 Food Paradise, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (Tanjong Katong), Roxy Square Food Court, Puay Heng Eating House
Steve G
Steve G

This famous Sotong/ Hae Mee needs no further introduction. The cooking style is unique though with half of wok of “dry-fried” and half a wok of “wet fried/ simmered” noodles. The texture is more gooey than I would like but Wok-Hei and proportion of yellow noodle to vermicelli is just right!


Requested for “just chilli” (sparing the ketchup and vinegar) and found this the most savory version so far. May be the effect of the handsome young chef...


My second attempt to try out this much raved about Chef Kang wanton noodle. The first time I came they were closed, I think it was a Monday. This time they were very much available and the same chef was present as featured in their news and online feature, which is assuring. Added extra charsiew as the original serving has a tat too few slices. Noodle is described as bamboo shoot noodle 竹笙麵 which has that extra crunchy texture. I like it. However I find the flavour lacking. The “bak yew” (pork lard) was added but lacks flavour. Perhaps it’s because I asked to spare on the dark soy sauce (really don’t fancy that in wanton noodles), the output was just lacking in most departments. The soup was outstanding though. Good enough to match any hotpot stock. The wanton is more like shui gao 水餃 which somehow many confuses between that with wanton. Overall,


Yong Tau Foo, never quite make it onto our top listing of food that comes to mind when we have any rankings of Singapore street food, but yet it’s quite a common and popular item to be omitted all together. What’s tough about this is because you will find it difficult to describe the dish - for a start the dry and soup version are already having a completely different complexion and appeal. And it is how differentiated the dish is that gives it the character and appeal. However there is an increasing threat that hawkers who sell food like YTF that offers a great variety of ingredients are succumbing to supplier sources rather than continuing the hand made trade; eventually diluting the appeal and losing this all together. I wish that more foodie can appreciate and are willing to pay a differentiation for handmade delicacies than factory made - like oden for Japanese which bears some similarity to the soup version of YTF. A big majority of He Ji’s YTF are handmade and are deliciously combining ingredients of soy bean skin wrapped minced pork, fish paste, vegetables, toufu, mushroom and a whole lot of other creativities. I also like the fact that pork lard is used here which gives it the authenticity (yes, YTF originated from using only pork on toufu and vegetables like bitter gourd) and extra umami!


My other half’s favorite style Chili sauce with extra oil. Seldom I try it and was pleasantly surprised 🥰

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Who would’ve thought that you could find in this unassuming place with decrepit furnishings and rickety chairs Singapore’s BEST PRAWN NOODLES? (Yes, I said that.) Perfumed with garlicky crustacean umami and sweetened by pork, this broth is sapid, flavourfully complex, and peaks taste-wise when you get to the bottom of the bowl with the sediments of seafood, diced garlic and pork bone. The perfection went right down to the pork ribs: juicy, easily detachable hunks of meat smacking of prawn broth. I’m in love.

🏅 10/10

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I would not proclaim this is the best chicken rice, it's probably not. But there is just an unexplainable down to earth sincerity in the way dishes are whipped up at this stall helmed by a relatively young couple. The way the lady boss wipes off the excess sauce from the brim of the plates, her helpfulness in pouring the chili, ginger and soy sauces; and the super generous large bowl of peanut pork rib soup which taste just like the ones cooked at home. The easy comfort heartwarming feeling just set us coming back more often than we would expect ourselves.


No wonder the queue is getting longer than ever. The quality of their signature wet style Char Kway Teow taste exactly the same as far as my memory can take me. That's the generous use of eggs and lard of course. They use less black sweet sauce so the kway teow does not taste overly sweet. It's been awhile I've not patronized them as they are closed on Sunday and public holidays. Hmm don't be intimidated by the long queue, there was at least 25 in front of me, but I waited slightly more than 30min.


Steve G

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but bread and beer complete me!

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