Ain't Typical Hipster Cafe

Ain't Typical Hipster Cafe

Singapore is having more and more and more cafes but are they worth your wallet ! I will help u hunt them down 😈
Tiffany Lim
Tiffany Lim

Take it slow this weekend and treat yourself to a leisurely brunch at Slow Bakes.

This hidden gem, located near KTPH, offers a picturesque view of the reservoir, creating the perfect ambiance for heart-to-heart conversations with your friends or family.

Slow Bakes specializes in bread and beverages only, and we couldn't resist ordering a variety of bread to sample, with nothing priced above $5 each.

The Matcha Bread with almond butter spread allows you to choose the type of bread that pairs with the jam. The almond butter spread is authentically rich, while the bread carries a subtle hint of matcha, though it can be a bit dry.

The Chocolate Hazelnut bread not only smells divine but also features a dark chocolate hazelnut spread, making it surprisingly not too sweet. This was my personal favorite among all the bread options.

On the other hand, the Cheese Poto seems like a standard cheesy bun with a small amount of melted cheese and wouldn't make it to my recommendation list.

The Cinnamon roll, on the other hand, is delicious as it strikes the right balance between sweetness and a bread-like texture. I would highly recommend giving this one a try as well.

🤤 : 4/5
💰 : ~$8/pax (we over ordered)
📍: Slow Bakes

Pop over to Neptune Cafe if you stay in the East for a weekend brunch or after your morning yoga.

Personally I have @classpasssg and managed to book Yoga movement which is right behind @theneptunesg

Neptune Cafe has an aesthetic of the 80's yet giving off a cozy vibe with healthy food selection (or sinful ones if you would like to order).

Their coffee (both flat white and iced mocha) are really good; no burnt coffee beans, no nonsense.

While for the mains, if you would like some healthy selection, personally I would recommend their Tune Quinoa Bowl ($19.50) where you could either mix everything all in one bowl, or enjoy it individually which I did.

My bf definitely chose the more sinful choice of Portobello Ragout with additional Bacons that elevates the whole taste and texture making the simple dish to be more American style.

Overall, Neptune Cafe goes for the minimal Japanese concept where you should head down if you enjoy a simple Japanese style breakfast or brunch.

🤤 4/5
💸 ~$25 /pax
📍 Neptune Cafe

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grain alley caught me by surprise of how delicious truffle fries with sour cream can taste like! The fries are fresh, soaking the truffle taste and smell, but what really got me eating one after the other had to be their sauces. We usually can’t even finish half the bowl of fries, as both of us are small eaters but we managed to complete 95% of the fries in @grainalley, and their fries do stay crispy for at least a good 30mins!

🤤 3.5/5 (mainly heading over for their fries and coffee)!
💸 $50+ for two pax (inclusive of 2 mains)
📍 @grainalley
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Thanks to @burpple ‘s beyond, I managed to grab a 1-for-1 weekend brunch at Sarnies! Fry up and Truffle Scrambled Toast.

8 huge words and make you feel you should go: Super duper worth it, such a big portion. It could actually feed 3-4 pax!

The truffle scrambled toast has a really very strong truffle smell, but the taste isn’t as strong as how it smells (a little disappointing), underneath the ‘blanket’ it was mushroom and spinach. The toast got quite hard after awhile as it was being moistened by the spinach and mushroom.

Lastly, coffee is really smooth and rich, no sight of any bitterness.

🤤 4/5
💸 $36.50 (for two paxes), inclusive of @burpple Beyond 1 for 1 main dish.
📍 @sarnies


Thanks to @burpple ‘s beyond, I managed to grab a 1-for-1 weekend brunch at Sarnies! Fry up and Truffle Scrambled Toast.

8 huge words and make you feel you should go: Super duper worth it, such a big portion. It could actually feed 3-4 pax!

Fry up is legit the most worth it breakfast, easily good for two paxs. My favourite is the potato and bacon, while the sausage feels odd when you bite into the middle portion. It felt a little raw and too thick i would say. The vegetables are not too bad, but I don’t feel fancy with them.

Lastly, coffee is really smooth and rich, no sight of any bitterness.

🤤 4/5
💸 $36.50 (for two paxes), inclusive of @burpple Beyond 1 for 1 main dish.
📍 @sarnies

@tiongbahrubakery opens their very new outlet at foothill! The vibe there is 100% on point, and what I definitely love about it is their open kitchen where you can see all the pastries freshly baked there! 

Still, their croissants are my ultimate comfort food, and if I have to choose out of these three, the ham and cheese will never fail my day. Crispy croissant that is stuffed with thick layers of hams and cheese that melts and brings all the flavours together. Together with a cold iced mocha 

Didn’t notice that this outlet has special items, and will be back for their Nutmeg Teh Halia out at their alfresco sitting in the morning. 

🤤 4.5/5
💸 ~$10/pax
📍 @tiongbahrubakery

In brother bird, they have yam paste criossant (orh nee) 😍 The paste is more like mochi texture but the criossant is so buttery and crispy 🤤

It's a takeaway outlet!

I pasta-d (passed) away when I had a mouth of this! ❤️ It seems like an unspoken trend to offer crab meat pasta and this crab meat pasta is so good simply because of the generous crab meat inside here.

I'm always loving to sprinkle some parmesan cheese 🧀

Price : $17.90++
Location :@twentyeightcafe
Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤

5 flavours of dumplings is all we ate. For two girls 👭. It was the dumpling platter and we almost died from all the eating cause way too full!
There is 3 dumplings for each flavour and my favourite is the original, spicy sichuan and the smoked duck!

The others two is momo curry, veggy and fried pierogi (having cheddar and potato)

Price :$20++ (a platter of 15pieces)
Location : @dumpling.darlings
Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤

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Have been to @theprovidore countless times but this is probably my first post about them!

If you're looking for a satisfying brunch, this is definitely the place.

Their Spanish Baked Eggs are a definite highlight - the eggs are baked on grilled chorizo sausage and smothered in a spicy tomato sauce topped with smoked paprika & shaved manchego cheese.

I love how the cheese neutralises some of the spiciness of the sausage!

Satisfaction :🤤 🤤 🤤
Price : $18++
Place: The Providore

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The PB&B Pancake Burger - Three homemade pancakes, marinated five-spicy pork belly, salted caramel, brûléed bananas, ricotta, salty crunchy peanuts, and crispy bacon, served with maple syrup.
This l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ mega pancake is like our traditional pork belly bun, with sweet treats at the top! I like to eat them separate where savory never meet the sweet.
Price: SGD$23
Location: Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Funan
Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤
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No Fuss Yummy Chicken Fusili is like creamy fusilli pasta, and I'm not recommending this unless you have craving for pasta, this will be an alright choice (SGD$19)

#Eatwtiff #SGFoodXTC

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