All the desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

1) 24 Karat Mao Shan Wang Cheese Cake (9cm - $20, 15cm - $80): Combining 2 of my favourite items (Mao Shan Wang durian and Cheesecake) into one, this is a really delectable dessert! Made with premium Mao Shan Wang durian, encased within smooth and velvety cheese mousse, before adding 24 Karat pure gold leaf for the finishing touch. Every mouthful is so rich and velvety! Comes in 2 sizes - 9cm (serves 1-2 pax) and 15cm (serves 8 pax).

2) Mao Shan Wang Durian Craquelin ($3.50 / piece): These MSW Durian Craquelins are really shiok! An upgraded version of their popular D24 Durian Craquelin, the MSW durian version is made with premium MSW durian piped into choux with chocolate crusting, and then lightly dusted with gold flakes. Trust me, it’s so addictive that you won’t be stopping at just one!

You can order them from @msdurianpastry’s website at Islandwide delivery or pickup options available.

Another notable dish is their 忘不了 Waffle, a mix of classic, red & blue velvet with condensed milk, parmesan cheese & melted marshmallows topped with an ice cream of your choice. Loved the combination of crispy, sweet and savoury in this dessert!


Sourced from home baker, this was a really delectable dessert! The interior was soft and moist while the exterior was crunchy, paired with smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream! Would recommend sharing this, as it can get a little too rich.

Thinking of having a mini party this festive season? How about a Durian Party?

I recently tried the Durian Party Cake from Ms Durian, and I certainly would highly recommend this to all durian lovers!

The Party Cake (good for 6 to 8 pax) consisted of 1/2 Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, 1/2 Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake and 18 pieces of mini D24 Durian Craquelins. The moment the Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake entered my mouth, I was wowed by how rich and shiok the durian filling was! The Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, on the other hand was more intense in taste, and whisky lovers will probably like this version. The mini D24 Durian Craquelins were pretty shiok too, couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth!

By the way, I was informed that the cracks on the meringue (on the Whisky Durian Cake) were due to its fragile nature, and this did not affect the quality of the cake in any way!

You can place your orders at

Kaca Coffee house is a cosy cafe located at Bedok North that specialises in handmade Taiwanese desserts, fruit teas and claypot rice.

The most sought after dessert here is the Bubble Tea Hotpot. It’s not only instagram-worthy but also a really good sweet treat as well! This unique Bubble Tea Hotpot consists of a choice of any 5 toppings (taro balls, fruits, jellies, red bean, chendol etc) and a base of either Milk Tea, Mango or Durian Snow Ice. Each ingredient comes in generous portions and my favourite is the chewy taro balls! The ingredients blended really well with our choice of base - Milk Tea, and it’s not too sweet which I love! This is the perfect dessert for people from any walks of life.

For dessert, you definitely gotta try Carousel’s signature Bread & Butter Pudding which is freshly baked using a 40 year old recipe and comes with a side of vanilla sauce! So rich and creamy, this is the perfect decadence to end your meal!

Order online at

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This is one for the peanut butter fans! Think crispy Peanut Butter Waffles nestled between banana slices & blueberries, sprinkled with almond flakes & crushed peanuts with a slab of peanut butter on the side, served with house made Roasted Peanuts syrup! Up the ante by pairing it with their ‘That’s Peanuts’ gelato (+$3)!

Rich & oh so indulgent chocolate fudge brownie topped with chocolate ganache & sprinkled with feuilletine crunch & chocolate rasps with fresh strawberries on the side. Up the decadence by pairing it with their premium Fudgy Pudgy gelato (+$4)!

Here are some of the sweet treats from @sweetnessthatlingers that i tried recently:

~Daifuku (Mango, Durian & Matcha Redbean)
~Mango Sago
~Premium Durian Sago

For the Daifuku, my favourites were the Mango and Durian! The Mango Daifuku’s skin had a nice soft & chewy texture and was coated with desiccated coconut, and also stuffed with sweet juicy mango. The Durian Daifuku was generously filled with rich & creamy durian mousse that exploded in my mouth as i bit into it, so shiok! Both the Mango & Durian Sago were really refreshing as well, and certainly much needed during hot weather days!

Check out @sweetnessthatlingers on Instagram for orders / enquiries. has just launched their online gelato store, and provides islandwide delivery ($5 per location) with a promise to deliver within 3 days of ordering. Their menu currently has 12 flavours and featured here is the Black Sesame flavour as recommended to me by them. It was indeed a great recommendation as i really enjoyed the delightful toasted & nutty flavour which tasted really similar to the filing in glutinous rice balls (but in cold pint form)!

You can place your orders via their website at

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Thanks to The Honey Comb Cake, i tried my first ever Bika Ambon, a type of honeycomb cake that originates from Medan, Indonesia.

Their Bika Ambon was really fragrant with a nice chewy texture, and i liked that it was not too sweet too! My folks loved it too, and said that it had that ‘old school’ taste from the past. Good to know that no artificial flavouring, colouring, additives or preservatives are added to the cake as well. Overall, a perfect tea time snack, or for an after-meal indulgence.

For orders or enquiries, you can visit their IG page @thehoneycombcake or WhatsApp them at +65 9452 3412 / +65 98517911.

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For fans of KOOKS Creamery’s offerings of handcrafted ice-cream on oozy signature molten lava cookies, you’ll be glad to know that you can now pre-order them via their online store - There is free Islandwide delivery with min. $65 spend, or if not self collection is available as well at their Serangoon outlet.

That said, featured is the Mermaid Spirulina Ice Cream atop Chocolate Lava Cookie that i had before the circuit breaker. The ice cream is actually mango passionfruit flavour mixed with the superfood spirulina, with a white chocolate mermaid tail topping. Tastewise the ice cream was zesty and pretty refreshing, and the combination with the hot chocolate lava and warm cookie made this a delightful treat!

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